Living life to the fullest
Everyone is the author of their own unique life story. Therefore, it is not surprising that at some point in our lives most of us ask the question: am I living my life to the fullest? It’s easy to get stuck in a routine where you continuously repeat the same day over and over again, and yet expect something amazing to occur. Albert Einstein famously defined insanity as the process of “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” It falls to you to take your destiny into our own hands. If you want a beautiful story, pick up a pen and start writing. Robert, Read more

How much do you really know about your grandparents?

H ow much do you really know about your parents & grandparents? Do you ever wish you had a record of their lives before you were born? Dominic Clark had fond memories of his glamorous grandmother and lively grandfather. He knew they met in the aftermath of World War II - Stanley a British soldier, Anneliese a young German girl. As the family story went, Stanley was lovestruck when he came across Anneliese emerging from a dip in the river near a German village. But details of their life story were thin on the ground. That all changed when Dominic turned 40. In secret, his wife Jenn Read more

Three Women, Three Powerful Life Stories

H ave you ever tried to keep a diary? It can be challenging to keep up the discipline - but fascinating to look back in later years at how you felt. But what if you don't have a record? Or you want to turn your experiences into something you can share with your family and friends? Today we are looking at three women - Sue Hodges, Ichko Gomobodorj, and Teresa Samuels - who have tried a new approach. Working with a professional writer & interviewer from private biographers Story Terrace, they created their very own memoirs. These women are part of an emerging trend - ordinary people creating Read more

How to Collect and Record Memories

Turning the meaningless into the meaningful Collecting memories and mementoes is something most of us do, often unconsciously, on a daily basis. The advantage is that we know the stories behind the photos and trinkets we keep, but to anyone else, this collection is pretty much meaningless.  For example, you may pick up a photo of yourself with friends, sitting around a table and you might look fondly at the picture and chuckle to yourself, remembering all the events that occurred that night. But, let’s say your great-granddaughter picks up this same photo 40 years from now.What would she see? Read more

Questions to Inspire Memories and Life Stories

A great way to learn about someone’s past is to start by asking them questions about their early life. It’s not always easy to know where to start, so here’s a few ideas of questions you could lead with to inspire rich memories and life stories. Storytelling: For most people, preserving both their own stories and those of friends and family is very important, after all, that’s how we remember people after they’ve gone. Storytelling has forever been the most effective way of sharing knowledge, and as soon as we, as humans, began to record these stories, civilisation was effectively Read more

How To Write My Life Story

I once came across a quote by the author Kate Rockland, which read: “Relationships consist of telling your same life stories to different people until someone finally appreciates them.” Although, a little on the soppy side, this idea about the power of the life story and the realisation that our stories literally make us did really hit home. Now, most people wouldn’t consider themselves storytellers and definitely wouldn’t consider themselves authors. In actual fact, that is exactly what we all are; storytellers. By merely going about our day-to-day lives we are unwittingly creating Read more

Ghostwriting: Myths and Misconceptions

Ghostwriting can be loosely defined as the process of writing a book on someone else’s behalf. The contribution of a ghostwriter varies from book to book and from writer to writer. A ghostwriter’s task can range from predominantly editing to writing a complete novel or biography based on someone else's story or idea. Outside of the publishing world, the ghostwriters existence appears to be just as elusive as their name suggests, with many people being blissfully unaware of the ghostwriters contribution to the trade fiction sector. It seems to be widely accepted that biographies and cookbooks Read more

The Life of a Back Story

I’m a starer. My husband is always picking me out about it because it’s so obvious, so blatant, so (God forbid) rude. I can’t help it though; some faces just keep drawing my eyes back to them. It could just be the face, but sometimes it’s the whole package: the way the lips move in conversation, or eyes stare unblinking at seemingly nothing or move constantly, a subtle mannerism or prodigious gesticulation. Sometimes it’s as simple as a pair of shoes. I can’t help it because I’m thinking: I wonder what his / her story is. I stare as I try to put together the pieces of a total stranger’s Read more

Photo collection: Fall of the Wall

Fall of the Wall By Anne Brugts, content manager Story Terrace  It’s exactly 25 years ago today that the demolition of the Berlin Wall began. On the night of 9 November 1989, DDR official Günter Schabowski delivered a famous speech in which he declared the borders between East and West Berlin were to be opened. On hearing this, hundreds of people made their way to the wall, some of them carrying picks or any other tool they could find to literally tear down the hated symbol of the denial of freedom. We remember and celebrate this historic event with a collection of photos showing the Read more

‘Ich bin ein Berliner’

'Ich bin ein Berliner'  JFK's famous jelly doughnut speech By Anne Brugts, content manager Story Terrace  In June 1963, United States president John F. Kennedy paid a visit to West Berlin to underline the United States’ support. It had been two years since the wall was erected between the two areas of power in Berlin, and the isolated western part of the city feared occupation by the neighbouring Soviet regime. The famous speech JFK held to a huge crowd, gave the West Berlin citizens a boost and is considered one of his best. The unintentional doughnut-reference (‘Berliner’ is the Read more

A Grey Suit for Travelling

Enkele notitieboekjes van Simon van Gijn, Huis Van Gijn
A Grey Suit for Travelling The 19th century Dutch banker Simon van Gijn travelled often and enthusiastically. He filled one notebook after another with his experiences while travelling Europe by rail. Curator Wyke Sybesma of the House van Gijn had been studying these notes for months before she decoded them. They revealed a treasure trove of information about travelling by train in the 19th century. On Sunday 4 August 1889, Simon van Gijn is waiting at the station of his hometown, Dordrecht. It’s early: his train is due to depart at 08.24 am. Maybe Van Gijn came to the station by foot. More Read more

The Marque of Friendship – Stories From the MG Club

The Marque of Friendship Stories from the MG club In Holland alone there’s over 300,0000 classic MGs on the road. The lucky owners of these beauts often join a club to share their passion and ride together. One of the biggest is the MG Car Club and their former president Math Agelink was kind enough to tell us more about the car and those who celebrate it. By Anne Brugts, Content Manager, Story Terrace Red Sports Car Math bought his first MG in 1994. ‘A car like that had always seemed like an unattainable luxury to me, but when I wanted to swap my old Opel Corsa, I found out that I Read more

Heineken Black and White

Opslag voor biervaten in Amsterdam
Heineken Black and White On this Throwback Thursday we provide you with a collection of black-and-white pictures from 20th century Heineken.  What did the brewery look like then? __________________ About us: Story Terrace helps customers to capture personal stories in beautiful books alongside a professional writer. Our writers have a range of backgrounds and interests, sharing one passion: Portraying individuals through carefully crafted anecdotes and lively stories. For more information on having your stories written down, send an e-mail to info@ or get in Read more

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