March 4, 2016 Emily McCracken

4 Unique Luxury Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and if you’re like us, then you’re probably still searching for the best type of gift to give. We all want to find that special-something, a unique gift our mum will treasure as much as we appreciate her.  In the spirit of sharing ideas and stories, we’ve partnered with English luxury lifestyle brand Thomas Lyte (who provided the gifting images) to bring you 4 special gift ideas.

The Thomas Lyte company has a distinct link to genealogy and history (two of our favourite things!) through its name, which echoes back to 1610 and the story of the Lyte Jewel. King James I rewarded Thomas Lyte, a courtier and genealogist, with a special jewel for his work tracing the royal’s lineage and proving his royal ancestry. The Lyte Jewel, as it became known, was expertly crafted by miniaturist Nicholas Hilliard. Company CEO Kevin Baker brought this moment forward from history and founded the Thomas Lyte brand on the principle of artfully combining traditional craftsmanship with modern designs.

Now, here are 4 unique gifting ideas that we think could be great ways to express how much you appreciate and love your mother:


Vanity Case with Jewelry

For the mum who loves jewelry…

Rather than buying her another necklace or bracelet, why not present your mother with a beautifully designed vanity case? It’s a gift she can use every day to keep her jewelry organised and tangle-free. And when she goes off on vacation, she won’t have to worry about choosing which pieces to take, because it’s easy to take along the whole case. 



For the mum who loves stationery…

All beloved stationery sets must be
complemented Black Sterling Silver Fountain Penwith an elegant writing instrument. How about a classic, sterling silver fountain pen? Not only do these distinguished pens look great out on display, but they’re even better when put to use. And your mother will think of you each time she
sits down to write!

Leather Poker Game Case


For the mum who likes a good game…

No matter what your mother’s favourite game is, poker, backgammon or chess, a leather cased game set is sure to please. It’s perfect for breaking out at parties or slipping into luggage when whisking away on holiday.




Open Twisted SpitFire Cocktail Shaker


For the mum who likes her drinks mixed well…

A stylish cocktail shaker is a great addition to any kitchen or bar. Your mum can shake up her favourite drinks and perfect her mixology skills. Then she can be ready to show off both her new shaker and skills at cocktail parties.