Tracing Family Genealogy Back to 1681

Sue’s story in a nutshell… Every month we like to bring you some insight on a completed Story Terrace book. Providing you with an overview of the varying biographies created with us. This month our focus is on a lady named Sue Hodges, her life story is being featured in line with our genealogy themed month. Enjoy..... Though Sue Hodges now lives a quiet life on a Gloucestershire farm, she has had more than her fair share of adventures. Full of mischief as a child, Sue grew up to be a fearless woman. In the sixties she was propped up at the bar – vodka tonic in hand, Marvin Gaye in the Read more


Is it time to research your family history? Has something come into the fore in recent times that’s made you decide the moment has come to embark on one of life's biggest projects that will mean so much - are you about to tackle researching your family history? If so, we have gathered 7 tips to help you on your researching way - it’s certainly going to be a journey of highs and lows, breakthroughs and lulls, but this is a commitment that will enable you to understand who you and your family really are. 1. Write it all down and begin to build your family tree  Start by writing information Read more


Your own Story Book – How does it work? In six simple steps, you can take part in creating your life story to save and share for generations to come. In this article learn more about Step 5. So the main body of work has been compiled and the content of your book is starting to resemble the finished piece. This is your chance to read the story thoroughly and comment on any aspects you may feel it need's be it a tweak or even a change of stance. The ‘comment on the draft’ stage allows you to, for the first time, read your ghostwriter’s work on your project. It’s going to be quite Read more


Life-story books for this festive season Are you wondering what autobiography, biography or memoir to purchase for that bibliophile in your life this Christmas? It’s all about gifting this month at Story Terrace, so we’ve compiled a list of contrasting books  we think will resonate best with our followers, supporters, colleagues and clients. Here is our suggestion of five of the bestselling life novels released this year. The Wright Brothers  by David McCullough   This is the story of two brothers from Ohio, who in 1903 on a cold winters day changed history. This biography relays Read more


Your own Story Book – How does it work? In six simple steps, you can take part in creating your life story to save and share for generations to come. In this article learn more about Step 4. Decide on the structure of your story book and send us your photos  The writer proposes a structure for your Story Book after working with all the material collated. As soon as you’re satisfied with the proposed, he or she starts writing your book. During this phase, you can expect some extra questions from the writer to gain any missing information - filling in and padding out areas of the story Read more

Unique gifting ideas for the Man Who Has Everything

This month at Story Terrace it’s all about unique gifting ideas for the man that has everything... So it’s that time of year again when everyone is thinking about purchasing unique Christmas gifts but surely it’s fun and rewarding delving into our pockets to buy for the one’s we love.  That is, when it’s easy and you know what somebody wants or needs! But what about that special man in your life who owns everything? Or that elusive man in the family who honestly never reveals what he wants - what on earth do you buy for him? From the team here at Story Terrace, here are some perfect Read more

StoryStarter has arrived

MEET FOUNDERS ON WED 4/11 at STAND D323 Story Terrace launches StoryStarter, a group-gifting platform to collaboratively create a ghostwritten biography  Part of the changing face of crowdfunding and the revolution in publishing Contribute stories, photos and funds all in one place The most accessible and collaborative way to capture one’s life story London/ Dublin — November 4th, 2015. Story Terrace, ‘Everyone’s Personal Biographer’, is launching Read more

The Importance of Life Writing

In each field of research, there are those scrupulous academic wonders who know their subject down to the tiniest detail. For the study of life writing, Craig Howes is the one to talk to. The director of the Centre for Biographical Research in Hawai‘i discusses developments in Life Writing, constructing identity through Facebook, and the huge surge in interest in writing down one’s own life story. Hawai‘i as the centre A green button appears on my screen; Mister Howes is calling in from Honolulu, Hawai‘i. He opens the Skype conversation, enables the camera, and pops up dressed in Read more


In six simple steps, you can take part in creating your life story to save and share for generations to come. In this article learn more about Step 3. The Interview How? Once you’re matched with your Story Terrace accredited ghostwriter, and you’ve filled out your Story Terrace questionnaire (step 2) you will be interviewed by him or her. Your ghostwriter is there to help you find your voice and write your story in the most conscientious way. This meeting needs to be extremely beneficial to you both. You’ve been matched to you writer through us at Story Terrace so a connection Read more


In six simple steps, you can take part in creating your life story to save and share for generations to come. In this article learn more about Step 2. Filling out your Story Terrace questionnaire.... Our customised questionnaires and tips have been structured to bring back memories and help you decide which stories to focus on. The Story Terrace questionnaire is there to help you brainstorm. Firstly you could write down whatever comes into your mind, use it as an aid just for this. Make sense of all the memories that spring to mind by putting them in order- perhaps by creating a mini Read more


Writing your life story is not something you trust to anyone. We understand that. That’s why all Story Terrace ghostwriters are selected very carefully. All of our ghostwriters are advanced biographers, experienced interviewers and, above all, they can grasp your personality in the perfect words. Making a choice amongst that is therefore quite the task. Because who is the right match for you? To make it a bit easier, we hand to you our best tips in finding the right ghostwriter. 1. Style Every ghostwriter has his or her own style of writing. One is a skilled novelist, who finds the right Read more

Story Terrace Writer Feature

In our Writer Feature posts we put a spotlight on the talented writers who use their unique skills to bring out the stories of other people’s lives in a beautiful and meaningful way. We spoke with Story Terrace writer Philip Hamlyn Williams about his passion for writing and why he’s chosen to use his talent to help other people find their voice. Philip Hamlyn Williams writes from his home in Lincoln, and is currently working with Story Terrace on a project related to a certain Stirling bomber. Is there a specific moment you realised you wanted to pursue writing professionally? I am Read more

Write your biography with Story Terrace

6 steps to writing your biography with Story Terrace
We’d like to share with you the process on how to write your biography with us at Story Terrace – this is a great insight into how fun and monumentally brilliant it is to create a life long keep sake, for all the special people in your life. Step 1. Meet the ghostwriter! Tell the Story Terrace team a bit about yourself and what direction you want your biography to go (you may not even know yet, but that’s ok!) We will match you with your writer- someone we feel suits your personality and will engage with you in the best possible way. Step 2. Brainstorm We supply a useful questionnaire Read more

Nieder and Down

The story of liberation child Henk Klok Although the arrival of the allies was already forthcoming, the Wehrmacht kommandant in the small Dutch village of Almelo decided to call on another 500 local men for work in Germany. The Germans went from door to door to collect unwilling men, all reluctant to work for the enemy. With two of them, a fat one and a slim one, they came knocking on my parents’ door. My father had already taken his hiding spot behind the attic wainscot when my mother opened the door. When the search downstairs didn’t give the soldiers the expected result, the most fanatic Read more

Writer Feature : Judy Brown

Writer feature, ghoswriter, interests, peak district
Every Story Terrace client is integral to the creation of each book so, then, are their writers. In our Writer Feature posts we put a spotlight on the talented writers who use their unique skills to bring out the stories of other people’s lives in a beautiful and meaningful way. We spoke with Story Terrace writer Judy Brown about her passion for writing and why she’s chosen to use her talent to help other people find their voice. Judy Brown writes from her home in Derbyshire, and is currently on her third project with Story Terrace. When she’s not writing or looking after the family and Read more

Sold! A Gift for the Tom Maynard Trust

Monty Panesar presents Sarah Murphy with Story Book Gift
Whilst you were (hopefully!) enjoying your Bank Holiday, Story Terrace was hard at work rubbing elbows with the fine people of  The Big Match at the Oxshott Cricket Club. When we heard there was going to be a live auction we couldn't help but offer up one of our bespoke biographies as a gift. It was a pleasure to see our books up there alongside a holiday to South Africa and a signed Ashes 2015 cricket bat. Best of all though, the proceeds were going to a good cause at The Tom Maynard Trust. After a frenetic four minutes of bidding, auctioneer extraordinaire Johnny Gould congratulated Sarah Read more

Storytelling: The Power of Stories

By Liset Hamming, guest writer Story Terrace Storytelling: On the Power of Stories ‘When the first men started telling stories to one another, so came an end to Chaos’. Imme Dros, Greek Myths, from Vertel, over de kracht van verhalen (Storytelling: On the Power of Stories) by Christien Brinkgreve, 2014. Christien Brinkgreve, until recently a professor of social sciences at Utrecht University, argues in her latest book Vertel, over de kracht van verhalen for the importance of stories. ‘It’s through stories that we learn how to empathise with others, and in this way the real world becomes Read more

How It Works: The Story Terrace Process

The Story Terrace process is simple yet meaningful - find out how it works! In six simple steps, you can take part in creating your life story to save and share for generations to come. Learn more about Step 1 below. Step 1: Finding Your Writer Tell us a bit about yourself and what kind of writer you are looking for It's important to us to make the right match between storyteller and writer, as it's truly the key to a lovely book. Once you get in touch with Story Terrace we can talk about your story and your writer preferences. Maybe you’d like to work with a writer who shares your passion Read more

Writer Profile: Rebecca Coxon

Story Terrace Launch in London 2015
L to R: Story Terrace founder, Rutger Bruining; Story Terrace customer, Ichko Gombodorj; Story Terrace writer, Rebecca Coxon; Story Terrace UK Editor, Emily McCracken Writer Profile: Rebecca Coxon Every Story Terrace client is integral to the creation of each book so, then, are their writers - the individual that takes the time to listen to the stories and weave them together so that they may be shared and enjoyed by those lucky enough to read them. In our Writer Profile posts we put a spotlight on the talented writers who use their unique skills to bring out the stories of other people's Read more

Memories: the Importance of Sharing Them

Without our memories we risk a traceless presence.
Memories are the adhesive that fastens pictures to the walls of the rooms of our past. Over time the tenacity of the glue may start to wear, the frames may tilt and you see the images from a different angle; or they might drop off the wall completely. “Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.” - Søren Kierkegaard Memory is the lens through which we gaze into the future. Our past experiences, emotions, observations; our sense of identity ultimately shapes our future thoughts and actions. And they are constructed through the tinted viewfinder of our mental memoirs. Documenting Read more

Interview: Vintage Photo Lab

Interview: Vintage Photo Lab Photos are treasured pieces of our personal histories that have the power to bring back old experiences. At the same time, most people have these treasures stuffed into boxes at the back of a closet that are only dug out when the occasion demands. Reliving past memories shouldn’t be a chore. We spoke with a man who’s made it his mission to ensure your old photos and memories are more accessible and safer than ever by converting them to digital copies. In our interview, Ed Padmore, founder of Vintage Photo Lab, talks about his motivations for leaving his career Read more

Everything for Nothing

Everything for Nothing Getting something for nothing has taken on a whole new meaning, especially for the members of a bartering group in Amsterdam called Noppes, or For Nothing. Members buy products and services using their own currency: Nothings. Here chairwoman Jacquelien tells us about the concept. It was back in 1997 that Jacquelien joined For Nothing, which had been active for four years. ‘I’d heard about the initiative, but only really came into contact with them when I visited a neighbourhood market they organised. At the entrance, visitors of the gathering could buy Nothings for Read more

What connects us are our stories

What Connects Us Are Our Stories Annegreet van Bergen’s book ‘Gouden Jaren’ (Golden Years, ed.) has a firm position in the top five bestsellers , showing up there for the 29th week in a row. Alongside stories of everyday life, Annegreet describes the growth of prosperity in the past half century. Stories that spark recognition and connection. Fresh pineapple  ‘One morning a few years ago, I was preparing a pineapple when I suddenly realised how special I had found that fruit when I was little. My father, a manager at a publishing company, got a fresh pineapple as a Christmas gift Read more

Traveling On the Trans-Siberian Express

Traveling on the Trans-Siberian Express A Romance of Vodka and Plastic Flowers A journey through seven time zones along 9,000 kilometres of rail. One that starts in Saint Petersburg and goes through the heart of Siberia, then via Mongolia to Beijing. Traveling on the Trans-Siberian Express is the dream of many travellers. Frieda, travel specialist at KILROY Netherlands, tells us about her trip. By Anne Brugts, Content Manager, Story Terrace  It had been on her bucket list for a while already, this trans-Siberian and trans-Mongolian journey. ‘I’ve always loved train travel. The combination Read more

‘I always thought it came from the speakers’

Everyone can play the piano at Amsterdam Centraal Station When I walk into the hall on the east side of Amsterdam Centraal Station, the sounds of Billy Joel’s ‘Piano Man’ come floating my way. Behind a big black grand piano, set up in a corner between two pillars, a man is seated with his collar high up his neck and a hood pulled over his head. Firmly he plays the instrument, seemingly impervious to the freezing draught that blows through the hall.  The piano at Amsterdam Centraal Station is part of a Dutch Railways project that partners with local organisations; they place pianos in Read more