Thank You Mama Gatha | Testimonial

  'Emily and Judy had lots of time and patience in collating, editing and putting my book together. Thank you again, it's like a miracle come true.' -- Eleanor Brooks A tribute to Mama Gatha Eleanor Brooks came to Story Terrace having already penned her incredible life story. But with her manuscript in a Word document, she wasn’t sure how to capture it in a book for her family. Story Terrace matched her with Judy Brown who provided editorial expertise. Together Eleanor and Judy created a memoir of Eleanor’s life and a moving tribute to her grandmother, Mama Gatha. Eleanor was born Read more

Interview with Entrepreneur Adam Goodall

Behind every successful company is the story of an entrepreneur who worked incessantly to bring the original business idea to fruition. Aspiring innovators and leaders look to these narratives for great inspiration. That is why we have chosen 'entrepreneurship' as our theme-of-the-month. For this blog post, we sat down with local entrepreneur Adam Goodall, who is working on his second company, to learn more about the process of building a successful company and working with startups. ST: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background: AG: I’m a Digital Product Manager, but Read more

Writing your life story can be easier than you think

There are hundreds of great reasons to write your life story down – to build a safe place for your memories, create a keepsake for your family, or make sense of your own journey. But the thought of chronicling your whole life on paper is an intimidating one, and you don’t have to dig deep to find reasons to stop before you’ve started. However, we at Story Terrace believe that because every life is extraordinary, every life story deserves to be told. So we’ve compiled a short list of comebacks to those pesky excuses! “I can’t remember everything that’s happened to me, especially Read more

5 Incredible Memoirs & Biographies to Read Now

Looking for a new life story to read this spring? We've got you covered with this list of recently published memoirs and biographies that share amazing stories of resilience and determination.     A Different Kind of Daughter: The Girl Who Hid from the Taliban in Plain Sight by Maria Toorpakai This memoir tells the story of Maria Toorpakai, a brave young woman from northwest Pakistan who refused to let society and the Taliban dictate whether she could or could not play the sport she loved -- squash.  As a youth, she played the game by disguising herself as a boy, but later rose Read more

4 Unique Luxury Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and if you're like us, then you're probably still searching for the best type of gift to give. We all want to find that special-something, a unique gift our mum will treasure as much as we appreciate her.  In the spirit of sharing ideas and stories, we’ve partnered with English luxury lifestyle brand Thomas Lyte (who provided the gifting images) to bring you 4 special gift ideas. The Thomas Lyte company has a distinct link to genealogy and history (two of our favourite things!) through its name, which echoes back to 1610 and the story of the Lyte Jewel. King Read more

Q & A with Story Terrace Ghostwriter Clare Pugh

Ghostwriting life stories involves much more than simply editing another person's words. It's an entire process focussed around the storyteller, their stories and their voice. Clare Pugh, one of our skilled contemporary writers, fully understands how to bring these elements together to create engaging memoirs and biographies. In this special Q & A, we ask Clare about her experience working on Story Terrace books, providing insight into her perspective as a ghostwriter.   Your first few books for Story Terrace had been purchased as gifts by relatives. Were the recipients a Read more

Writing Can Take Me Anywhere | Writer Feature

For this month's Writer Feature, we bring you the story of Robin Tudge, one of our contemporary writers. Tudge shares how he came to the realisation that he could successfully wield the power of words and be a published writer. Read his story below:   * * *   I first became a writer in 1999. I was living in Hanoi, eking along teaching English in a then very poor country that'd opened to westerners only five years before. I’d been there about 18 months, had had some lovely students and some great classes. I'd also had some amazing adventures, having driven all over the Read more

It Never Gets Easier, You Just Go Faster: Cycling Tour from Milan to Nice, 2014

Each month we like to spotlight a recently finished Story Terrace book to showcase the range of titles and types of books we produce.  For February, we've brought you the story of Ian Bagshaw and Mark Dickinson and their book, It Never Gets Easier, You Just Go Faster: Cycling Tour from Milan to Nice, 2014.  Bagshaw and Dickinson came together to commemorate the outstanding dedication, and physical triumph, of 35 individuals who helped raise over £100,000 for charity. Read on... A common cause, a sense of humour and a raised glass can go a long way. After Dan and Danny passed away Read more

Philip Hamlyn Williams | Writer Feature

Every month, we like to shine the spotlight on one of our talented writers, sharing their life story and written works to give you insight into the range of diverse backstories and writing styles available through Story Terrace.  Today, we're featuring Philip Hamlyn Williams, one of our critically acclaimed writers. Williams worked as an accountant for 25 years before spending 14 years in the non-profit sector. Now, with 15 years of writing experience, and an MA in Professional Writing from University College Falmouth, he recently embarked on the adventure of writing his debut book, War Read more

Kickstart Your StoryStarter Biography Group Gift

Looking to give someone special in your life the opportunity to write their life story and create their own biography? We can help! With our crowdfunding platform StoryStarter, you can collaborate with friends and family to share stories, memories and photographs, and pitch in on the funding.  Once the crowdfunding portion is completed, the person receiving the biography as a gift will be sent a Welcome Pack with a compilation of all the shared stories and photos. Find out more information on the next steps in the Story Terrace biography process here. This step-by-step guide will help Read more

Sue Hodges Testimonial Video

Last month, we brought you a case study of Sue Hodges' book Don't Switch Me Off with exclusive excerpts and photos.  Today, we have a special testimonial video, in which Sue shares her personal reasons for wanting to create a bespoke book to pass on to her children and grandchildren. She also discusses her experience working with a Story Terrace ghostwriter.  Through this process, Sue was able to recount and record her exciting life story, which included many years of travel that led her from London to Turkey and finally to Greece, before returning home to the U.K. Take a moment and Read more

Holocaust Memorial Day: Ride For the Living

To commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day, we would like to share a special excerpt from Robert Desmond's book Ride for the Living, produced by the Story Terrace team. After being struck by the gravity of Auschwitz during his first visit at the age of 22, Desmond decided to return, this time by bicycle from London.  He biked along the route taken by the Allies as they fought back against Hitler and chronicled his journey online to share the experience with the world. Day 18: Weiden, Germany to Pilsen, Czech Republic, 115km (1685km total) Another unforgettable day on this incredible journey Read more

How It Works: The Story Book Process | Step 6

In six simple steps, you can take part in creating your life story to save and share for generations to come. In this article, learn about the final, sixth step in the Story Terrace story book process. Once you’ve finished working with your experienced ghostwriter on making edits to your story, the finalised manuscript will be sent to your Story Terrace editor for review. Now you can sit back and let our skilled editorial team ensure your book is thoroughly edited and proofread. {Tweet: Learn about the 6th step in the @StoryTerrace biog process. Go from final manuscript to printed hardcover Read more


In six simple steps, you can take part in creating your life story to save and share for generations to come. In this article learn more about Step 2. Filling out your Story Terrace questionnaire.... Our customised questionnaires and tips have been structured to bring back memories and help you decide which stories to focus on. The Story Terrace questionnaire is there to help you brainstorm. Firstly you could write down whatever comes into your mind, use it as an aid just for this. Make sense of all the memories that spring to mind by putting them in order- perhaps by creating a mini Read more


Writing your life story is not something you trust to anyone. We understand that. That’s why all Story Terrace ghostwriters are selected very carefully. All of our ghostwriters are advanced biographers, experienced interviewers and, above all, they can grasp your personality in the perfect words. Making a choice amongst that is therefore quite the task. Because who is the right match for you? To make it a bit easier, we hand to you our best tips in finding the right ghostwriter. 1. Style Every ghostwriter has his or her own style of writing. One is a skilled novelist, who finds the right Read more

Story Terrace Writer Feature

In our Writer Feature posts we put a spotlight on the talented writers who use their unique skills to bring out the stories of other people’s lives in a beautiful and meaningful way. We spoke with Story Terrace writer Philip Hamlyn Williams about his passion for writing and why he’s chosen to use his talent to help other people find their voice. Philip Hamlyn Williams writes from his home in Lincoln, and is currently working with Story Terrace on a project related to a certain Stirling bomber. Is there a specific moment you realised you wanted to pursue writing professionally? I am Read more

Write your biography with Story Terrace

6 steps to writing your biography with Story Terrace
We’d like to share with you the process on how to write your biography with us at Story Terrace – this is a great insight into how fun and monumentally brilliant it is to create a life long keep sake, for all the special people in your life. Step 1. Meet the ghostwriter! Tell the Story Terrace team a bit about yourself and what direction you want your biography to go (you may not even know yet, but that’s ok!) We will match you with your writer- someone we feel suits your personality and will engage with you in the best possible way. Step 2. Brainstorm We supply a useful questionnaire Read more

Nieder and Down

The story of liberation child Henk Klok Although the arrival of the allies was already forthcoming, the Wehrmacht kommandant in the small Dutch village of Almelo decided to call on another 500 local men for work in Germany. The Germans went from door to door to collect unwilling men, all reluctant to work for the enemy. With two of them, a fat one and a slim one, they came knocking on my parents’ door. My father had already taken his hiding spot behind the attic wainscot when my mother opened the door. When the search downstairs didn’t give the soldiers the expected result, the most fanatic Read more

UX TESTING EVENT with Story Terrace

Please join us on Monday 12th October for a night of "All you need to know about UX testing" by Tom Lamont for Story Terrace. Participants will test Story Terrace's new crowdgifting, content-sourcing platform, StoryStarter, whilst learning to conduct smart UX testing. Event held at Launch 22 at 31A Corsham St, N1 6DR. Networking begins at 6pm; session start at 6:30pm. Pizza and beer provided.  We can't wait to see you there! RSVP - [email protected]     Read more

Writer Feature : Judy Brown

Writer feature, ghoswriter, interests, peak district
Every Story Terrace client is integral to the creation of each book so, then, are their writers. In our Writer Feature posts we put a spotlight on the talented writers who use their unique skills to bring out the stories of other people’s lives in a beautiful and meaningful way. We spoke with Story Terrace writer Judy Brown about her passion for writing and why she’s chosen to use her talent to help other people find their voice. Judy Brown writes from her home in Derbyshire, and is currently on her third project with Story Terrace. When she’s not writing or looking after the family and Read more


Our questionnaires are designed to conjure up your memories in a fun and engaging manner, and are an integral step towards the creation of your our tips to help get you started!  1. Brainstorm Write down whatever details come into your mind first– whether it’s the smell of your grandmother’s cooking or the excitement of playing outside as a child. It doesn’t matter if your stories are complete or just words jotted down. Don’t worry about the style or accuracy of your writing. There will be plenty of time for editing later. 2. Take your time! There’s no way Read more

Sold! A Gift for the Tom Maynard Trust

Monty Panesar presents Sarah Murphy with Story Book Gift
Whilst you were (hopefully!) enjoying your Bank Holiday, Story Terrace was hard at work rubbing elbows with the fine people of  The Big Match at the Oxshott Cricket Club. When we heard there was going to be a live auction we couldn't help but offer up one of our bespoke biographies as a gift. It was a pleasure to see our books up there alongside a holiday to South Africa and a signed Ashes 2015 cricket bat. Best of all though, the proceeds were going to a good cause at The Tom Maynard Trust. After a frenetic four minutes of bidding, auctioneer extraordinaire Johnny Gould congratulated Sarah Read more