How it Works

Our process has been refined over hundreds of projects. It’s stress-free, 100% personal, and managed end-to-end by our team. You’re seven easy steps away from having your own book!

1. Purchase Your Package

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  • Purchase directly, or crowdfund your book with StoryStarter
  • We’ll send you a welcome pack – perfect if you’re buying as a gift

2. Writer Match

  • Tell us a bit about yourself and your ideal writer
  • We will recommend someone who suits your background and requirements

3. Fill out our Questionnaire

  • Our questionnaires help to structure your story, bringing back memories
  • Answer as fully as you like – or opt-out and schedule an extra interview

4. Interviews

  • To build your book, your writer will interview you in depth
  • Your writer will then agree a structure for your story, and begin writing!

5. Send Us Photos

  • You send us photos to include in your book
  • You can invite friends and family to upload anecdotes and photos via StoryStarter.

6. Comment on the Draft

  • After we review the text, your writer will send you a draft to comment on.
  • Your writer will make any changes, and finalise the story which will be proofread

7. Your book is delivered!

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  • Once we’ve got all the last details right, you’ll sign off before your book goes to print
  • Your beautifully bound, hardcover books will be printed and delivered to your home
  • From beginning to end the process normally takes six to eight weeks

Contact us using the form below - or chat live with our team at the bottom of the page.