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Is StoryTerrace Memoir PRO right for you?

StoryTerrace Memoir Pro is for clients who would like their autobiography to be written, edited and designed at a comparable level of quality to commercially-sold books. This is not only a product of the highest standard for your peers, family and friends, it’s a book that is ready to be published and shared with the world.

Give the gift
of a lifetime

Writing a memoir is a unique and personal experience. Giving StoryTerrace Memoir Pro as a gift will ensure your loved one or colleague will benefit from the highest quality service.

Share your loved one’s legacy

Capture your loved one’s legacy and life story with by writing a book. Our team of senior writers and editors will create a book which you can share with loved ones or go on to self-publish.

Leave a legacy for your loved ones

We’ll help you create a publishing-grade memoir which will tell your life story in your unique voice. The book can be shared with your family, friends or with a wider audience.


A top-tier publishing team

Your book project is managed by our most experienced, senior-level team: our Global Publishing Manager, Premium Writer, Senior Project Editor, Development Editor, Designer and Proofreader.


3000+ books written

We’ve ghostwritten thousands of books for clients including global companies, entrepreneurs, politicians, musicians, CEOs, surgeons and supreme court judges. No matter how technical the subject, we have a team for your project.


Marketing Expertise

We create books which are written, edited and designed to the highest standards, ready to be pitched to traditional publishing houses. Our team can also assist with self-publishing and marketing.

StoryTerrace has written books for over 3000 clients


“I wish my mother andfather had done it. I wish my grandfather had done it!"

"The whole experience has just been magical... My dad was so excited and ready to share his stories."


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We’ve ghostwritten thousands of book for people from all walks of life.

Meet our team

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Global Publishing Manager

Jon Malysiak

Jon Malysiak has been a book publishing professional for more than 25 years. His passion is to inspire and motivate each of his clients to realise their dreams of becoming published authors. He has been a commissioning editor, book marketer, literary agent, and publishing consultant. Over the span of his career, he has worked on books with world-renowned business guru/entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, celebrity chef Spike Mendelsohn, Tony- and Olivier-award winning producer of Newsies and Kinky Boots Ron Fierstein, child film star-turned-Hollywood agent Jeff Cohen, (‘Chunk’ in The Goonies), legendary lawyer Leon Wildes (attorney who represented John Lennon and Yoko Ono in their 1972 US deportation case), reality TV star and LGBTQ+ advocate Reichen Lehmkuhl, and fitness coach/TV host Harvey Walden, to name but a few.  In 2023, Jon published his first novel Posh, a satire on the British aristocracy.


Getting your project started

Prices start from £16,500.
Please get in touch to receive a tailored quote.

Initial consultation to establish your goals


Agree project plan and deliverables


Kick off with a strategy session


Common questions

What is a developmental editor and what will their role be on the project?

A development editor works with the client and the ghost writer to give structure to the narrative, making sure that it reads as cohesively as possible and adheres to the book’s outline/vision, which is first articulated in the content strategy session with the client that kicks off the process. They will pose questions when content is unclear and/or can be fleshed out in more detail, and make suggestions for improvements to the way in which the content is presented. This may entail reorganising sections or chapters in the original outline. A strong developmental editor is the difference between a good and a great book.

Can you help me market and publish my book?

Yes, our team of experienced book marketers can help you market and advertise your book on Amazon. We can make your book available on a dozen other platforms such as and make sure your books can be ordered in 100s/ 1000s bookstores across the country. Find out more here.

Who owns the copyright to the book?

By signing your PRO agreement with us, you own 100% of copyright as long as payments are up to date. As sole owner of the copyright, you are free to print or sell copies of your book as you wish.

Can I publish my book through a traditional publishing house?

As long as your payments are up to date and you sign your PRO agreement you will own 100% of the copyright and be able to pitch your book to different publishers. In select cases we can work with you to pitch to publishing houses and Hollywood scouts as a service.


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