Hudson Perigo

Developmental Editor | United States

Hudson Perigo has 15 years’ in-house acquisitions and developmental experience in publishing and has ghosted for a cosmetics magnate, an Olympic gymnast, and an eccentric TV exercise celebrity. Publishers she has worked with include Harper Wave, Wiley, Holt, Solution Tree, McGraw-Hill, Plume, Bantam, NAEYC, Scholastic, Harper & Row, Rawson, W.W. Norton, Warner Books, The Experiment, and Ben Bella. She’s collaborated with subject matter experts (primarily physicians, business owners, and educators) to write 40 books while staunchly maintaining individual author voice. A renowned scientist once hesitated about hiring her stating that he didn’t want to sound like a TV exercise celebrity and she respectfully replied, “Then don’t talk like him.” Hudson holds an MFA in Screenwriting from USC and has placed in several international competitions. All of which and three bucks gets her a cup of coffee in Hollywood.
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