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A Short History, by Rutger Bruining

Rutger Bruining

Founder of StoryTerrace

My grandfather told the most amazing stories:

Stories about the time he was asked to join training for the national football team when the regular goalkeeper hadn’t shown up, and he flew into the goal with the ball pressed against his chest. And about the time he met my grandmother, after peeking from outside through the window of his home to check if she was ‘worthwhile’. The air filled with cigar smoke, as I would listen to him tell me story after story while we played backgammon.

It was only years later that I realised the adventures of my grandparents had never been documented in any way. I couldn’t recall the details of the stories that I had imagined so vividly back in years past. If only I had written them down!

“I promised myself that I wouldn’t let this happen to me and my stories.”

When I started travelling by myself, I planned to capture these adventures in great detail. But I was often so absorbed in the moment that I forgot to write it all down. The notes I did take, got lost on a bumpy night bus traveling through Argentina. Perhaps writing just wasn’t for me.

However, my experiences did leave me determined to create an opportunity for everyone to record their stories, to create a moment to pause and reflect, and turn them into books in order to relive the feeling of times past later on.

Eventually, this led to the simple premise upon which StoryTerrace is based access to biographers to create books about every person. A professional writer whose background and personality fit with the person about whom the book is written. To take a trip down memory lane to capture all of your anecdotes and turning points in your own memoir.

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