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How It Works

Take the hard work out of creating your book with a hassle-free process managed by our expert team. From ancillary activities like writing, editing, design and typesetting to printing & delivery, we will guide you every step of the way.

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Welcome Box

To start your project, we’ll send you a welcome letter explaining the process.


Project Schedule

Your personal editor will explain the process to you and set up your very own book production schedule! Your books should be completed from start to finish in 7 months.


Writer Match

Our insights gained from having made thousands of successful writer matches allows your project editor to match you with a writer you can trust to represent your unique voice. They will consider your book goals, background, personality and location.



Our questionnaires are designed to jog your memory and provide a structure for your interviews. They’re easy, fun, and bring back memories you haven’t thought about in years or even decades!

You can also choose to purchase an additional interview session and forego the questionnaire.



In-depth interview sessions with your writer form the backbone of your story. You can meet with your writer face-to-face, or talk by phone or via video call - whichever you prefer.

Typical interview sessions are 2 hours long. If your package includes more interview time than this, it will usually be spread out over multiple sessions.


Writing & Editing

As your story emerges from your interview sessions, your writer will begin working on the text of your books. They will start off by sending the story outline, a draft of sample chapter and finally a draft of the entire story. At each stage you will be given a round of revisions where you will have the opportunity to provide feedback.


Cover and Book Design

While your writer is working on the text, you can upload photos via our Bookmaker platform, and choose which chapters they'll appear in. You can choose from our professional book and cover templates or upgrade to your very own custom design!


Print & Delivery!

Once we’ve got all the last details right, we will lay out your book’s cover and interior. You will have the opportunity to sign off on the PDF proofs before your books go to print.

Your beautifully bound, hardcover books will be printed and delivered to your home.

"This has been and continues to be a wonderful experience... I truly recommend everyone do this."

Susan Nissim

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