Hariny Vanniarajan

UK Project Editor

Hailing from Madurai, Hariny Vanniarajan has always been drawn to the stories that linger beyond the pages of books. Growing up amidst vibrant narratives shared by people on bus journeys and street vendors, Hariny witnessed the strength and resilience of women in her own family, inspiring her to preserve these remarkable stories for generations to come.

Completing her MA in Creative Writing and making the move from Newcastle to London, Hariny hit the ground running at StoryTerrace. As a Project Editor, she ensures that each story captures the unique voice and nuances of the storyteller, preserving their rich experiences in beautiful books. Hariny’s personalized support extends from writer matching to final book production, encompassing cover design and photos and addressing any client concerns along the way.

In a short space of time, Hariny has proven herself to be a superlative editor and Self Publishing Specialist who guides books into print online to maximise their reach with a global audience.

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