October 9, 2017 Mark Proctor

Milestone Birthdays

Has someone you love got a big birthday coming up?

Are you struggling to think of ways to make it truly special?

We’ve pulled together some great ideas, that will surprise and delight even those who have lived three score and ten, and seen it all!

1. Family Love

Family Love

Contact family and friends near and far, and get them to take pictures of themselves holding a sign with a birthday wish on. Not only do you get the messages themselves – but a modern and up to-date photo of all your family members. Display these on a digital photo frame, and your loved one gets to experience the joy all the time.

2. A family road trip, to visit childhood homes

road trip milestone birthday

Ask your loved one to write down all the addresses they’ve ever lived at. Contact the current owners and occupiers – and plan a trip to visit them all. Take some special family members, make lots of stops of tea and cakes and take lots of pictures. It will be emotional for everyone! But what a day.

3. Learn something new

birthday learning

No one is ever too old to learn something new – how about a class in painting, pottery, or drawing – or if you loved one is more energetic what about yoga or classic dance. Or if it’s an experience how about a hot air balloon flight, or tea at The Ritz.

4. Get a personalised book written about their life

birthday autobiography present

They meet with an expert professional writer – who teases out the best stories and pulls it all together in a beautifully written book, which can be shared with the whole family. Immortalising their life on the page.

5. A party that’s right for them

milestone birthday present

Not everyone wants a big party or feels that a celebration is right for them – but find out what they love and involve as many family members as possible. It could be the world’s biggest Chinese takeout – with family crammed in and eating from their knees – or a glitzier affair at a local restaurant.