October 9, 2017 Mark Proctor

Family History Ideas

Love Family History?

Here are 3 ways to take it to the next level

1. Capture the memories of your loved ones

Capture Memories

We have an amazing opportunity to listen to the older people in our lives and try to capture their memories, but it can be hard to get them to share what’s happened to them in their lives.

Often grandparents are more likely to share things with their grandchildren rather than their children, as they don’t want to burden them.

You can now get a professional writer to work with them to draw out the stories and pull them together into a beautiful book. That book then can be an amazing resource for future generations and a repository of that person’s life stories.

2. Bring together all the oldest people in your family, and all the old photos

Old Photos

Go through each photo and write on the back who each person is and as much information as they can remember.

Nothing is more frustrating than a box of old photos with no information on them or no way to identify them.

You can then scan all of the photos and create a shareable album on Facebook so the whole family can look through and add memories.

3. Video question and answer

Video Q&A

Pull together questions from the family – and have someone use a good quality phone camera to film real first-person history by getting older relatives to answer questions.

It can be nerve wracking being on camera and using questions and answers can make this an easier experience.

These videos can then be a great resource for future generations seeing and hearing their ancestors speak about their lives.