Xiaofang Ma

North America Senior Project Editor

Xiaofang Ma’s journey as a storyteller began in journalism, earning her an MS degree in Journalism from Ohio University. Her career as a TV journalist in Shanghai allowed her to engage with diverse individuals and unearth the unique stories they had to share.

Inspired by the power of storytelling, Xiaofang joined StoryTerrace as a writer and editor. As a Senior Project Editor, Xiaofang uses her journalistic and writing skills to great effect, shaping books that are, by turns, heartwarming and inspiring. She says, “Every ‘Thank you, you made my dream of writing a book come true’ email which I receive from storytellers, is the biggest encouragement and motivation for me.”

Xiaofang’s passion for storytelling extends into her spare time, where she continues to work as a writer and enjoys reading, painting, travelling, and spending time with her cat. She specializes in translating early 20th-century American writers’ novels; she has published two books in translation to date.

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