Abby H

Junior Writer | Baton Rouge, LA

Abby is a freelance writer who enjoys candid photography, reading, hiking, and finding new music. She graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in Psychology and minored in Linguistics. Whether it’s writing biographies or press releases, helping local bands and businesses expand awareness, or snapping photos, she is always looking for ways to see the world from a different perspective.
As a Story Terrace writer, Abby interviews customers and turns their life stories into books. Get to know her better by reading her autobiographical anecdote below

Thanks Fur The Memories

I remember one early spring morning my parents loaded me up in the car, and we hit the road. It was a few months after my birthday, so life was good for a four-year-old. We were headed to see my brother who was living on a farm at the time. I was bouncing around in my seat because I was so excited to see all the farm animals.

We pulled up and saw my brother waving from the front porch. He walked us around the whole farm and told me every one of the animals’ names. I walked up to a fence and saw this grubby pig sitting up like a person – his name was Bob; he was my favorite.

After we ate lunch, my mom and I walked around the farm to this huge stable. Before we got to the gate, a bunch of little black puppies wobbled towards us. I opened the gate and ran in to see them – they were the cutest little bunch. I played with all of them the rest of the day. My dad hollered when it was time to leave, and I was pretty bummed about leaving the puppies. “Which one is your favorite?” my mom asked. I told her I loved them all.

After an exciting morning on the farm, I passed out when I got home. I woke up hours later and remember walking into the living room and seeing this little black puppy sitting there staring at me. I thought I was dreaming, but when she bolted towards me, I knew it was real.

I named her Roxy, and she was by my side for 18 years. She got me through high school, heartaches, and applying to colleges – she was the best dog and companion a girl could have.

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