November 30, 2015 admin

Story Terrace Writer Feature: Andrew Bird

In our Writer Feature this month, Story Terrace interviews their ghostwriter Andrew Bird. 

Andrew writes from his home in Reading and is currently working with Story Terrace on a lovely bespoke biography – a gift from a daughter to a father.

1. Is there a specific moment you realised you wanted to pursue writing professionally?

Graphic design was my first career, but I’ve been writing articles for historical magazines for the past two years whilst researching and rising early to write my next non-fiction novel. An award-winning independent publisher has published my works though I’m still looking for an agent – once I’ve found one, then I’ll consider myself a professional writer.

2. What types of writing projects do you look for?

I look for projects that focus on non-mainstream stories in the genre of military non-fiction.

3. What is it like capturing a man’s life story on behalf of his daughter?

I trust the biography will be a unique and revealing glimpse into his life, illuminating the thoughts of a man who would eventually spend a considerable amount of time in the Armed Forces with his wife and family.

How does it feel to be a significant part of that gift?


4. If you could choose any person in history to do a Story Terrace project with, who would it be?

The photographer Tim Page who took some of the finest pictures in the midst the Vietnam War.