Rachel Arterberry, CT

Senior Writer

An experienced business person, a savvy writer, and a mom, Rachel is passionate about bringing words to life! With two master’s degrees, Rachel spent the first 20+ years of her professional career working in the business world. Although always having a love of writing, she never explored the opportunity until the “itch” to write was so strong that she could no longer resist it. She dipped her toe into writing with a biography about her husband’s life and struggles with a medical condition. She then felt compelled to help others reach their goals of sharing their stories as well.

As a Story Terrace writer, Rachel interviews customers and turns their life stories into books. Get to know her better by reading her autobiographical anecdote below.

M.O.M. – Mother on a Mission

Aah! Quiet! The babble of the hot water slowly, yet purposefully, filling the tub. The sight of beautiful, soft bubbles floating on top of the water brings such peace and a sense of comfort. Quiet! I cautiously and eagerly slip one foot into the warm comfort of solitude and relaxation. As I slide down into the swirling, steamy water, I am soaking in every last second of the quiet and complete aloneness of this long-awaited bath.


I am swiftly, and loudly, I might add, jerked from my peaceful state back to the reality of the moment as my four-and-a-half-year-old daughter bursts into the bathroom. “Mommy, mommy, what a humongous bathtub! Can I get in too? Is the water hot? Where is the bubble bath? Can I wash you? Want me to splash you? Let’s do the ABCs. Do, a deer…”

…and the moment is gone. I am not sure which scenario is more surreal: floating in a sea of quiet or the joyous laughter of a pure, simple heart. Although the thought of quiet seclusion is utterly thrilling and exhilarating, the feeling quickly disappears and is replaced with love, excitement, and pure emotion. Relaxation is overrated anyway! Who needs it!

As I said goodbye to my grandmother recently, the word “mom” and its importance truly struck me. I watched the hundreds of people share their experiences with my grandmother and how she impacted their lives. She passed on to me the knowledge and understanding of my purpose as mom to put my children first to ensure that they grow and develop into the best possible human beings that they can be. “Mom” or “mother on a mission” symbolizes all that women do to guarantee that their children reach their full potential, even if it means giving up the career, changing the lifestyle, or even skipping the bubble bath.

At the end of it all, is the world a better place because I am a mother on a mission? Although the relaxation may be interrupted, and my personal time may be intertwined with the chaos of daily life, I am M.O.M. and proud to be called Mom every day of my life.

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