Paloma Vita, EDM

Senior Writer

Paloma speaks three languages and has a three-crossword puzzles per day habit! Her experience as a translator led her to writing and copy editing. She has written three books and edited five more. One of her translations was published on Words Without Borders and she spent four years as main copy editor for a cycling magazine. She loves people and the myriad human stories unfolding in the world. Her experience in harm reduction zones at festivals and as a hypnotherapist has made her one of those people others love to confide in.

As a Story Terrace writer, Paloma interviews customers and turns their life stories into books. Get to know him better by reading his autobiographical anecdote below.

See the Fireworks Fly!

I could hardly contain my excitement – tonight was the night! Having just turned five, I was finally old enough to go see the fireworks of the 14th of July – France’s national holiday. Being woken up to go outside in the middle of the night felt magical… just catching sight of a starry sky or the moon was excitement enough but I was finally going to see the fabled fireworks my sister had told me so much about! I got ready for bed with visions of fire-flowers blooming in the sky!

We were on holiday in Southern France with our grandparents, my favorite time of year and place to be! We spent every summer here, in Sault – one of those lovely Provence villages perched on a hill and surrounded by lavender fields. Aromatic herbs grew like weeds in the garden, and the lavender honey was out of this world!

I usually fell asleep in the comfy feather bed, but I had the hardest time settling down and annoyed my much better-behaved sister by making my grandfather promise over and over that he would wake me up in time for the fireworks.

I am not sure how long I had been asleep when Pappy came to wake me, but he soon realized I was too sleepy to get dressed and walk to the little park where people were gathering. Instead, he wrapped me up in my blanket, pajamas and all, and carried me in his strong arms through the streets. I will always remember that walk through the village, the houses passing me by and the starry sky above me!

I was barely aware of my sister and grandmother walking beside us. We finally arrived at the little park and settled in, me all warm and snug in my Pappy’s arms. Suddenly, I heard the whistle of the first booming rocket as it flew up in the sky and exploded in golden sparks! The noise was quite deafening and I nestled deeper in the safety of my Pappy’s arms… One after the other, and then in groups, the rockets flew up, exploded and rained back down on us. I squealed with glee! This was even more beautiful than I had imagined! Of course, back then, fireworks were not as advanced as they are today, but none since has ever equaled the simple blue, red, green, and yellow fire-flowers that bloomed in the sky for me that night. And none ever will.

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