Victoria Smith

UK Project Editor

Victoria’s journey led her to StoryTerrace in 2022, driven by a strong magazine sub-editorial background. Her academic pursuits included a master’s degree in English Studies, after which she authored a YA fantasy novel titled “Your World Shall Be Mine,” due out soon. With a natural storytelling ability and an inherent love for the written word, Victoria’s desire to capture the lives of others propels her to create beautiful books that leave a lasting legacy for storytellers.

As a Project Editor, Victoria tackles a diverse array of memoirs, from Couples books to Topic-based books, Medical stories, and even tales dedicated to people’s pets. Her passion for crafting compelling stories is evident in her dedication to helping clients bring their specific visions to life.

Victoria desired to continue writing fictional tales but wanted to capture the lives of others, too, seeing the beauty in each person’s history and how they became who they are today. It is her dream to one day write an autobiography of her own, but until then, Victoria would like to assist storytellers in creating something beautiful to leave their family and friends to remember them by.

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