What is StoryTerrace? How does it work?

  • How can I find out more about StoryTerrace?

    If you don’t find the question and/or answer you are looking for here, please chat with us on weekdays between 9am and 6pm (GMT/UTC) or get in touch with us through the contact link in the menu above. Fill out the contact form with your information and question(s) or, if you’d prefer, write us an e-mail, call us or chat with us by clicking on the chat system at the bottom of any page. We would love to hear your story and explain how we can help you get started making your own book alongside one of our writers today!

  • Why should I get in contact?

    The experience of having your stories professionally written is still unique to most and we welcome the opportunity to talk personally with each customer in order to address any individual questions.

  • How long does it take before someone contacts me with an answer?

    We try our best to respond to any inquiry within one or two business days so please leave us with the appropriate contact information and we will respond as soon as possible.

  • I am not sure if my story is suited for a book – how do I know?

    Your story is more important than you may realise and is certainly suited for a book. Contact us and we can discuss how best to begin the process with your story!

  • Where is StoryTerrace located?

    We have StoryTerrace offices in both Los Angeles and London, providing local writers across the United Kingdom, the USA and around the world.

The Product

  • How much influence do I have over the content of my book?

    You have complete control over the content of your book. We provide professional writing and editing but you will always have the final say. Have a look at our website here for more information about the writing process.

  • How long does the process take?

    The time it takes to create your book depends on various factors, the most influential being the length of your story. Throughout the process, many customers find that they have more to include in their book than they initially think and want to make adjustments to their package, which can be accommodated in most cases. Depending on the package you choose, the process will typically take anywhere from 10-12 weeks, although it could be a little longer. A Compact starts at 10 weeks, with a Complete package taking a few weeks longer, and a Novella taking a little longer again, due to the larger package.

  • Can I upgrade my package after I've paid?


  • I don’t want to answer the questionnaire. Can I still make a book?

    While our questionnaire helps you to bring back memories and decide which stories, anecdotes and turning points to focus on, it is also possible to create a book based solely on the interviews conducted by your writer.

  • I have already written a few chapters. Can you help me finish my book?

    If you have already written a few chapters or your entire book, one of our editors/writers can help you finish and add a professional touch. Please give us a call or send your work to [email protected] if you wish to speak to our UK office, or [email protected] for our LA office, and we’ll suggest a plan and quote a price for creating your book.

  • What does the cover of my book look like?

    The cover of your story should fit you, so we provide different options to appeal to different tastes. Whether you prefer a personal photo as your cover or a custom illustration by one of our artists we can find an option that suits you. Talk to us about your ideas and we can find a way to make your cover help tell your story!

  • How much time do I personally spend on making my own book?

    The time you spend on your story outside of the interview process depends on you. Some people want to spend more time on their questionnaires in order to capture more memories and details. Depending on your chosen package, you’ll need to scan and send between 20 and 40 images to us to go alongside your story.

  • Who conducts the interview(s) and how long will they last?

    Your own professional writer will prepare and conduct the interview(s). Depending on the length of your book, the interview(s) last around 3-4 hours for a Compact package, around 5-6 hours across two sessions for a Complete, or up to 10 hours as part of the Novella package. You can always add additional interview sessions at extra cost.

  • Is it possible to let my family be interviewed as well?

    While it is possible to allow family members to participate in the interview process, it may require more of the writer’s time and can increase the cost of your book.

  • Can I choose my own writer?

    We will work with you to find the perfect writer for your story based on your preferences. You can learn about a few of our writers before making a final decision.

  • How do I know if you have a writer in my area?

    We have over 400 writers working with us across the USA and United Kingdom - but if we don’t have the perfect fit in your area we’ll start a writer search and find someone right for you.

  • Are all of your writers on your website?

    Whilst most of our writers can be found on our website, we are constantly seeking new talent to add to our selection, so we can’t guarantee that every single writer will be on there.

  • What’s the difference between the writer levels?

    We have 3 levels of writers: Critically Acclaimed, Senior and Junior. Critically Acclaimed writers are very experienced with extensive publishings, including books of their own. Senior Writers have published work and experience, and Junior Writers have less professional experience - but are still fantastic writers!

  • What if my writer doesn’t feel like the right match?

    We’re confident we can find you a perfect match, and we can always reevaluate and look at other possibilities if you don’t like your writer.

  • I have a lot of writing that I want to include in my book. Is this possible?

    Please send us your work and give us a call to discuss how we can help.

  • If the products on the website do not match my needs, can I create a custom book?

    We offer custom products and services and would be delighted to discuss the options available to you. Get in touch to speak with a member of our team through our contact page, email, phone or the chat system on the bottom-right corner of the page!

  • Is it possible to divide my story into multiple books?

    Definitely! Let’s get in touch and talk about the best way to divide your story.

  • What if the smallest package (Compact) is too big for my story?

    Many customers find that there is actually more to remember than they anticipated. Often customers choose to change to the Complete package when they realize how much there is to remember and capture.

  • How much are extra copies?

    Each package includes four printed copies, but extra copies can be ordered at an additional cost. The cost of extra copies depends on the package you’ve chosen, and the number of copies you want to order. Larger orders, perhaps for sharing with family and friends or colleagues, help to bring down the price per copy. Give us a call and we can give you a quote!

  • Can I read other people's books?

    Our books are private documents so we can only send you samples. If interested, we have copies at our offices that you can have a look at if you’d like to stop by.

  • I want to use your writers for other purposes than writing my book. What are the possibilities?

    Our writers partner with us for the purpose of writing people’s stories. However, if you have another format for writing personal stories and would like our help, please get in touch here and we will do our best to help. We have experience with bespoke projects and would like to find out more about your needs.


Rights & Publishing

  • I’d like to self-publish my book. Is this possible?

    We’d love to help you to self-publish on Amazon and most other self-publishing platforms. Certain terms and conditions, including additional costs for adapting the book to a specific format, will apply. There may be other additional costs involved.


  • How do I pay?

    You can pay online, by giving us a call with debit or credit card in hand, or bank transfer. For customers in communication with the UK office, you can also pay via PayPal. You can find our bank details on the invoice that we’ll send you after learning which package you’d like to purchase.

  • Do I have to pay in full upfront?

    You can either pay upfront in full, or in instalments starting with a 10% deposit.

  • Does the price include VAT? (UK customers only)

    We don’t need to charge our customers in the United Kingdom VAT.

  • Are shipping costs included in the price?

    Yes, you do not have to pay extra shipping costs on top of the prices shown on the website, unless you order a large number of extra copies.

  • Can I pay in advance?

    Yes, it would even accelerate the process.

  • Can I get evidence of an agreement?

    If we put a custom agreement in place, for custom projects, our Terms & Conditions will apply. If there is anything else you’d like to agree upon concerning your project, such as the price for a large number of additional copies, then we can do so via email. Following payment, you will receive confirmation of your purchase.

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