Nick Belcher

Account Executive

Nick started his career in music, as both an artist and the head of artist development for the independent label Known Strangers. Whether it was writing, performing, developing his own projects, or teaching other artists to do the same, music has always been apart of his life. Nick has performed on the TV show American Juniors, as a Radio Disney Pop Star, was part of the second graduating class of USC’s Popular Music Program, organized a music festival, performed at the Whiskey A Go Go, and is currently part of the first cohort of USC’s new Contemporary Teaching Practices Masters Program. Outside of work, Nick enjoys listening, writing, and singing ’70s and ’80s rock, spending time with his friends, family, and girlfriend.

As a Story Terrace Account Executive, Nick enjoys bringing stories to life.

Performing on Stage

I have been performing in public for over 23 years and I still remember the first time I ever. I started performing on stage when I was five years old, when I got up in front of my church and performed the song “Heirlooms” by Amy Grant. My mom gave me some advice that has stuck with me my entire life. One of the choruses of the song goes like this: “My precious family is more than an heirloom to me.”

Just before I went on stage, my mom asked me, “Is your brother precious?” I nodded.

“Is your father precious?” I nodded again.

“Am I precious?” I nodded one more time.

She then asked me, “Do you love your family?” I replied, “Yea.”

My mom then asked me, “What would you do without us?” I then replied with, “I don’t know…”

She told me to go sing. Ever since then I have been connecting my emotions with the lyrics I sing.

It’s hard to know you feel love until you provide it’s contrast of loss. I may not have understood the lesson in all its complexity as I do today, however I understood the basic concept. Stories are tellings of how we’ve gone from moments of light to moments of darkness, and hopefully back again. Our perception of these moments is based entirely off our emotional reactions to the events that shape our lives. Singing on stage is just an aural expression of this sacred and ancient tradition.

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