Naomi Piquette, AB

Junior Writer

Naomi started out a number of years ago as a ghostwriter for a company in Quebec. She enjoyed the challenge and realized that she wanted to continue writing for others, adding proof-reading to her skill set. Soon after Naomi volunteered what she learned to various ESL communities for resumes and letters. She has found helping newcomers to be very rewarding personally and professionally. In her spare time, she is a proud church volunteer and has her own small cooking business.

As a StoryTerrace writer, Naomi interviews customers and turns their life stories into books. Get to know her better by reading her autobiographical anecdote below.

A History of Letters

A number of years ago I found letters that my Grand Memere’ wrote to her sister in Michigan. For a French-speaking woman who never made it past the eighth grade, she was very intelligent and wrote in English flawlessly. I was taken back in time while she wrote about her engagement, marriage, children and general life experiences in the late 1800’s. I spend days feeling the paper, smelling the oldness of the letters and learning how life was way back then. Every evening I would share with my parents what I’d learned in those letters.

My dad also added his written memories to the letters. Between his additions and my Grand Memere’s letters, it was like having my own family encyclopedia. Sitting in one of the upstairs bedrooms, rocking in a chair that was at least 100 years old, brought me to a place of comfort I never knew existed. After weeks of reading all the letters, I shared everything I learned with my parents. I put each letter in a plastic sleeve, filled a binder and, with the permission of my parents, donated the letters to the local museum. You can go to the museum in that tiny town even today, and read all those wonderful letters. I was so excited that I even built a webpage to share all the feelings that I was experiencing, the happiness I felt finding this treasure chest of history. A treasure that no one had seen in well over 75 years.

Listening to my family reading old letters written by my great grandmother to her sister, and the love letters my grandfather wrote to my grandmother while they were courting started a fire in me that has continued to burn today. It satisfies my need to learn. Even today, I love spending time with people from all parts of the world listening to their stories and I’m always grateful that they took the time to share them with me.

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