Mollie Nelson, WI

Junior Writer

Mollie found reading before she found writing, but it wasn’t long before one inspired the other. She focused on English throughout her academic career, earning a bachelor’s degree in English. After college, she worked in marketing and publishing. Currently, she is focusing on building her freelance career. Mollie lives in Wisconsin with her partner and the dream of someday adding a couple pets to their household. She can often be found reading a good book, delving into a good TV show, taking a walk, or playing Dungeons & Dragons with friends.

As a Story Terrace writer, Mollie interviews customers and turns their life stories into books. Get to know her better by reading her autobiographical anecdote below.


The first time I saw her, she was shaking with fear, huddled in the back of a kennel meant to hold in the boisterous energy of a German Shepherd or other big dog breed. It wasn’t any kind of home for a tiny black-and-white rabbit, but it was the only solution her rescuer had been able to come up with on short notice.

It was my grandpa’s friend who had found her hanging around his backyard. He’d caught her with a live trap, and immediately began calling around to see if anyone was missing their beloved pet rabbit. A few weeks passed, and once it was clear no one was going to step forward to claim her, my grandpa’s friend asked my grandpa if his grandchildren might be interested in adopting a new friend.

My family had had many pets over the years—dogs, guinea pigs, a bird with a bitter disposition, and a kitten that hadn’t gotten along with my mom’s allergies—but never a rabbit. It was an exciting prospect, one that my family thought I, in particular, would be interested in. So, a few days and a few phone calls later, my mom bundled me and my brothers into the family van and drove us out to meet her.

Although she was scared, it was clear she was also spirited. She dashed around the inside of the kennel, and my grandpa’s friend apologetically said, “It’ll take me a minute to get her out. She’s a bit skittish.”

She kicked when he caught her, but once she was bundled in a soft towel and settled on his lap, she let me pet her head. She was so small, so fragile, and so alone. I couldn’t imagine how someone might have lost her or even willingly thrown her into the wilds of modern suburbia. To me, there was no option of leaving for home without her.

I named her Rosie, for a character in The Long Patrol, one of several books in the beloved Redwall series written by Brian Jacques. The character was an anthropomorphic hare who was a fearless fighter, and my Rosie lived up to her namesake. As soon as we brought her home, she bit my mother on the arm while she was holding her, drawing blood through her sweater. It was the first of many instances that would demonstrate her fiery character. My family would be cautious around her for the rest of her life, but I loved her to death, no matter how temperamental she was.

Rosie was my best friend for years. If I have anyone to thank for teaching me boldness, it’s her.

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