Marleigh Green

North America Project Editor

Marleigh is a Los Angeles-born fantasy & science fiction novelist, and an enthusiast for all things geeky. After graduating from CSU Channel Islands with a B.A. in Communication Studies, she decided to pursue the creative path of writing and editing, which she considers her passion. She is in the process of working on her first series of novels, which she hopes to publish sometime in the near future. In her free time, she enjoys cooking gourmet meals for friends and family, traveling, reading, and spending time with her beloved bearded dragon, Rhaegar.

As a StoryTerrace Project Editor, Marleigh enjoys bringing stories to life.

The Light Museum

Tokyo was the most magical place I had ever been in my life, yet my suggested destination within the city was an indoor venue. With my older brother, an English teacher, my sister-in-law, my mom, and the rest of the family in tow, I was both nervous and excited as we waited in line outside of the museum.

I’ve always been outspoken and outgoing, and have no hesitation to present ideas to the group for activities whenever we visit our extended family in Japan. Yet there’s always a sense of anxiety that accompanies these outings I plan – will everyone have a good time? My mom squeezes my hand, sensing my nervousness, and reassuring me that no matter what, we’ll enjoy our visit. The instructions my brother looked up online required us to wear shorts and go without shoes, so I had to borrow a pair.

After a wait, we entered the museum, and what we saw inside was nothing short of the same magic we had experienced in the city. My fear that we wouldn’t enjoy ourselves quickly faded away.

One exhibit required us to wade through knee-deep water, hence the shorts, as moving lights were projected on the water around us. We stood in a pool of swimming koi fish, dancing flowers, and floating petals, all illusions of the lights above us. The next was a room filled with dangling lights that changed colors and sparkled like a fairy godmother’s wand. This was followed by an exhibit filled with enormous inflated beach balls, that changed color every few seconds, bathing us in fluorescent light. Finally, we all were permitted to lay on the floor and look up at the ceiling as projections of flowers rained down on us, the smell of a meadow in our noses.

Overall, it took us about an hour to walk through the museum, and to this day, I remember the incomparable sights we got to see and the beauty of the art exhibit. Japan is a special place for my family, a place we are lucky to visit so often, as each experience there is more incredible and memorable than the last.

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