Lisa Sabido, CA

Senior Writer

Lisa grew up as her family’s historian, interviewing relatives and preserving daring tales of how her great-grandparents and grandparents survived WWII in the Philippines during the Japanese occupation. She earned her BA degree in English from the University of San Diego and is especially fond of 1940s swing music, fashion, and dancing. With a specialty in marketing and writing biographies, she is known for her playful sense of humor and ability to interview anyone and put them at ease. Lisa looks forward to bringing your story to life.

As a StoryTerrace writer, Lisa interviews customers and turns their life stories into books. Get to know her better by reading her autobiographical anecdote below.

Dreams of Taking Flight

If you’ve ever heard of the phrase, “Man plans, God laughs,” then you know exactly what I mean when I tell you that I had all sorts of plans for my life.

My latest masterplan involved leaving a safe and comfortable role in wealth management to pursue my dream of traveling the world as a flight attendant. They were glamorous and incredibly cosmopolitan. They could literally start their work day in San Diego and end their day in Paris! No humdrum 9-5 office job for them! What a life!

It felt like a dream come true when I achieved this life-long dream and got my official flight attendant job offer letter. I thought to myself, “This is what Harry Potter must’ve felt like when he got his letter to attend Hogwarts!” I spent the next month memorizing airport codes and flying terminology and donating all of my furniture and clothes that wouldn’t fit in my two suitcases, before flying halfway across the country to attend flight attendant training in Texas.

After graduating with flying colors and completing all of my IOE’s (Initial Operating Experience), I was suddenly filled with the incredible urge to run from my new career. It made no sense whatsoever, but my instincts were warning me, “Now is not the best timing. It isn’t safe.” It was as if the Big Man Upstairs was speaking directly to my heart and forewarning me that the coronavirus outbreak in China would soon spread worldwide. He wanted to keep me safe from a career in travel that would expose me to the virus on a regular basis.

Of course, everyone thought I was nuts to quit my dream job. They didn’t believe the virus would make a whirlwind tour around the globe. But whirlwind tour it did! Two weeks after I had quit being a flight attendant, a news alert pinged on my phone and a headline banner popped up on my screen: “The coronavirus reaches the U.S. The CDC discusses its likely spread.”

We must always remember that a delay in your dreams is really God’s way of protecting you. My life was saved when I left a high-risk career in travel, but that doesn’t mean it will always be dangerous to travel. When it’s safe again, I look forward to getting that freshly baked croissant in Paris on a layover.

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