Below are a list of books that have either been created by Story Terrace or written by some of our writers

The Life of a Royalist Town Crier, Tony Appleton

Over the years, Tony has collected hundreds of photos of himself and celebrities. An exhibition of his photographs was held at the Shire Hall in Chelmsford, and hundreds of people came to see him shaking hands with people such as Muhammed Ali, Elizabeth Taylor, Jamie Oliver, and Her Majesty the Queen.

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Rising Butterfly: Transformed to Fly Higher

A star pupil in Mongolia, Ichko had a very bright future lying ahead of her. In 1998 she travelled to the UK to learn English, the first generation of post-Soviet Mongolians allowed to leave the former Communist regime. Injustice and a string of betrayals left her trapped, unable to travel home and now with two children to feed. On the verge of suicide, a spiritual awakening showed her a new path…

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Alan: The Only Way Is Out

Alan’s life has been one of abuse by the people closest to him. The violation of his body in adolescence nearly destroyed him, and the knowledge of what was done to him has hung round his neck like a ball and chain ever since. Thanks to the mental health services that helped him hold on, Alan has been strong enough to write down his story. He hopes his book will help others find their way out too.

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Into the Light: A Sudanese Woman’s Journey through Education to Empowerment

I am Teresa Samuel Ibrahim and I am an educator, a wife and mother, and founder of charities in my homeland of South Sudan. As I have been guided by the light of so many who have helped and influenced me, I hope, in turn, to bring the light of my people’s suffering to the eyes of the world.

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