October 22, 2015 Emily McCracken


Writing your life story is not something you trust to anyone. We understand that. That’s why all Story Terrace ghostwriters are selected very carefully. All of our ghostwriters are advanced biographers, experienced interviewers and, above all, they can grasp your personality in the perfect words. Making a choice amongst that is therefore quite the task. Because who is the right match for you? To make it a bit easier, we hand to you our best tips in finding the right ghostwriter.

1. Style

Every ghostwriter has his or her own style of writing. One is a skilled novelist, who finds the right storytelling voice in your biography. The other can, with his journalistic background provide more of a descriptive note.

We know our ghostwriters and we know their tone of voice. If you tell us a little about your ideas and share a bit of your story, we can advise you with the best match. Take a look at our writer introductions to familiarise yourself with the different writing styles available to capture your stories.

2. Background

It’s essential to tell your story to someone who understands your background, especially if your story features specific elements that can only be known to people that come from the same career field, have the same hobby, or have experienced a similar path in life.

To tell your story as a top lawyer, we would advise a ghostwriter who’s worked in the field of law. And who can better empathise with details of growing up in the South of England than a ghostwriter who’s lived there themselves?

3. Male or female, from junior to senior

Our pool of ghostwriters is also very diverse when it comes to selecting on the basis of other features. For example perhaps you’d rather speak with a female writer or prefer a male author-we can gladly respond to this request. Maybe you’d like to work with someone of a similar age, or a writer who comes from a completely different era? What about a student currently studying for their masters in journalism? Or an experienced journalist who has worked for some of the biggest newspapers in their career, they’re all here!

At Story Terrace, we ensure that our ghostwriters span a broad spectrum of backgrounds, interests, experience level and budget, so that we are ready for any clients needs. These are just a few of the criteria upon which you can select your ghostwriter of choice.

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