December 2, 2015 Theo Brainin


Your own Story Book – How does it work?

In six simple steps, you can take part in creating your life story to save and share for generations to come. In this article learn more about Step 5.

So the main body of work has been compiled and the content of your book is starting to resemble the finished piece. This is your chance to read the story thoroughly and comment on any aspects you may feel it need’s be it a tweak or even a change of stance.

The ‘comment on the draft’ stage allows you to, for the first time, read your ghostwriter’s work on your project. It’s going to be quite a remarkable experience reading it through, with all the important personality and passion you’d imagined it would have – enjoy your time reading it through and do not forget to take notes along the way.

Once you’ve read the whole thing and made the notes necessary for you to feedback to your ghostwriter, you will set up a call or a meeting between him/her and yourself. Don’t worry about it taking time discussing all the aspects you wish to cover, it’s important you do so with no hesitation. This is the time to thoroughly cover every little bit that caused you to make a note in the initial read-through.  Your discussion can be completed on the phone or by Skype. Spending as much time discussing it in detail allows you to work together, to review all the necessary adjustments seamlessly for the perfect final draft.

So now the draft should follow the order, or incorporate all the information you’d hoped it would when completed  – with many adjustments or none whatsoever with your ghostwriter it should now be ready for the final stage of production.

Keep an eye and an ear out for How it works, step 6 soon.

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