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Exclusive products at Harrods, in the gifts and stationery department

Story Terrace has come to Harrods to capture customers’ stories.
We are offering an exclusive range of luxury products, from hardbound personalised memoirs and bespoke coffee table books, to a mysterious “Message in a Bottle”.

Message in a Bottle


A priceless gift for your loved one. After a short interview with a Story Terrace writer at Harrods or at home in London, your thoughts, feelings and reflections will be transformed into a beautifully written letter, presented as a scroll inside a glass bottle ‘lost at sea’.

Biography – Silver/Gold


Exclusive editions of Story Terrace’s biographies. These books are written by the company’s finest writers, with Gold and Silver design flourishes exclusive to Harrods. These packages include extensive face-to-face interviews at the customer’s home, as well as professional writing, editing, design and printing.

Art Book Memoir


A unique large format ‘coffee-table’ book. With lay-flat presentation, incredible photographic reproduction, and book sizes ranging up to A3, these books are a show-stopping way to capture memories. Covers can be customised with a wide range of colours, textures and finishes. Customers have the option to work with photographers from legendary agency Magnum Photos.

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