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Ginny is a professional writer with an easy-going interview style who understands the importance of preserving family history and individual stories for generations to come. Since 2013, she has worked hard and steadily as a multimedia journalist at The McDowell News in Marion, North Carolina. Her articles have been featured in newspapers, online editions and magazine publications across the state, nation, and world through Berkshire Hathaway. She’s also the content editor for a weekly publication called The Express, which highlights arts, films, museums, celebrities, entertainment, and lifestyles. She’s a mother and wife who enjoys spending time outdoors with her family. Along with her kids, she has a jack weenie dog, a cat, two chickens, and a rooster.

As a Story Terrace writer, Ginny interviews customers and turns their life stories into books. Get to know her better by reading her autobiographical anecdote below.

Restoring the Faith

When my grandmother Ann passed on April 11, 2019, my Aunt Audrey asked me to read a poem at my her funeral.

I felt honored, but pressured to find the perfect words.

I was at work when I took her call, and when I came back inside, I went to check my mailbox. There was a card with my name on it. I opened it up and inside was a note from a lady who had stopped by the newspaper earlier in the day; she had heard of my grandmother’s passing after we had a brief exchange in the lobby about promoting the non-profit event coming up that she was volunteering for.

The card, featuring a cat on the front, was dated April 11, 2019 and read:

“Dear Ginny,
“The loss of your dear precious grandmother brings much sadness to you and your family. May the days ahead bring you remembrance of wonderful and happy memories. I hope my words will bring you comfort. And, knowing she is now in God’s care.
“Take care, Sandra”

Folded up inside the card was a poem printed on special paper:

One Fine Tomorrow
By Sandra Lea Walker
I felt a tap on my shoulder and when I turned around to see,
There stood a beautiful Angel, “She said, my child, please come with me.”
She held my hand so gently—with her I walked and had no fear.
I crossed the bridge into heaven—upon my cheek one tiny tear.
I regret I could not say “good-bye”—there just wasn’t much time for words.
God beckoned me to my new home—a land where I shall find peace
listening to the songs of chirping birds.
I did not want to leave you—but my life here is done,
Now, my place is to be with God—in a land where all hearts are one.
I know you will be sad—but do not weep for a long while,
Here I am happy—on my face, you’ll see a smile.
Although you cannot see me—I’ll always be in your heart.
I’ll hear your every prayer and thought—know that we’ll never be apart.
I will miss you—family and friends—fond memories I’ll hold so dear.
I’ll forever love each of you—your presence will always be near.
Oh, how much I wanted to stay with each and every one of you,
But, God needed me for a special reason—and I know this is true.
Please celebrate my life—do not burden yourselves with sorrow.
For remember, we shall all be together again—one fine tomorrow.

After reading the poem, I was overcome with emotion. A complete stranger took time out of her day to bring me exactly what I needed at that moment! Kindness like this is rare. I often don’t get many moments in my professional career that restore my faith in humanity, but this act of kindness certainly did.

The poem was read aloud at the funeral and printed in the program. I believe my grandmother would have approved.

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