Create a custom-made biography for the most unique gift

There isn’t a more personal gift than one that brings families together. Our StoryBooks are perfect as a unique birthday gift, anniversary present or retirement gift idea. We can even help you collaboratively crowdfund the book using our group gifting platform StoryStarter, making it easy to invite friends and family and share your memories, all in one place.

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Honour your parents wedding anniversary

Are your parents celebrating their 25th, 30th, 40th or even 50th wedding anniversary? Gift them something unique; a special experience for the whole family to treasure and pass onto future generations.

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Gift a unique birthday present

Celebrate a good friend’s 30th, 40th, 65th or 70th birthday by creating a truly personal gift that really adds to the festivities.

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school reunion

Celebrate a colleague’s retirement

A custom made biography is a perfect gift for a colleague retiring at the end of the year. Why not give something in return for their commitment to the company, and celebrate your friendship.

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1. Select your gift package

Pick a StoryBook, select your gift package, tell us who the biography is for and the date you wish to receive the book.

2. We send you a welcome package

Detailing everything your gift recipient needs to know about the book-making process to gift to your loved one on their special occasion.

3. We manage the full book-making process

Dependent on your selected gift package, we liaise directly with the gift recipient, recommending a writer, scheduling interviews and writing and designing their unique biography.

4. They receive the StoryBook

A few weeks later they will receive the gorgeous hardbound copies of their very own biography.

Select the perfect book package for your special occasion

Give a loved one a gift of a lifetime. Present the opportunity to create a personal biography, together with one of our professional ghostwriters. There are several ways to gift a StoryBook, dependent on your preferences and the proximity to the special occasion. All you need to do is select your StoryBook gift package and let us know how you’d like to create it.

Choose your StoryBook gift package

Select your gift package from our pricing page.

Receive your welcome package to gift on a special occasion

Buy your StoryBook today, receive your welcome package tomorrow and present the unique gift the same evening to your friend, relative or colleague. They will liaise directly with our team to select a perfect ghostwriter and create a biography.

Create your biography in advance of a special occasion

Buy your StoryBook gift package in advance of the special occasion so that you can create and receive your printed biographies in time for the specified day. They will liaise directly with our team to select a perfect ghostwriter and create a biography.

Group-gift a biography with friends, family or colleagues

StoryStarter is a new group-gifting platform that makes it easy to invite friends and family to create and collaboratively crowdfund a bespoke biography. Each person can pledge as little or as much as they wish, as well as provide stories, photographs and well wishes on the campaign page to include in into the welcome package. Once your campaign is funded, we manage the full book creation process directly with the recipient until the printed books are in their hands.
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Create a biography as a surprise gift

Create the ultimate surprise, don’t tell the lucky recipient about your plans. We can organise your friends and family to be interviewed by one of our professional writers and deliver your StoryBooks in time for the special occasion.


‘My dream has become realised’
Itchko Gombodorj
‘Such an innovative and creative gift’
Jayshree Sethna
‘A StoryBook for the two of us, it’s truly a great gift. It now features prominently at home.
Marion Nanninga