September 17, 2015 Emily McCracken


Our questionnaires are designed to conjure up your memories in a fun and engaging manner, and are an integral step towards the creation of your book….read our tips to help get you started!

 1. Brainstorm

Write down whatever details come into your mind first– whether it’s the smell of your grandmother’s cooking or the excitement of playing outside as a child. It doesn’t matter if your stories are complete or just words jotted down. Don’t worry about the style or accuracy of your writing. There will be plenty of time for editing later.

2. Take your time!

There’s no way around it – there will be questions that require some serious thought. Schedule a few hours a week to reminisce.

The more details you write down, the more colourful the final story will be. Think of your surroundings when reflecting on your stories. Who was there? And how did you feel in the moment? Even the tiniest details, such as your means of transport, help bring stories to life.

3. Involve family, friends and colleagues

Family, friends and colleagues can help you recall memories. When you have the time, it can be fun to meet them at a place where you used to meet in the past, like meeting your brother or sister at the house you grew up in. Going through old photos and letters also helps.

Ask family and friends what they would like to read in your book. Perhaps they really liked an anecdote you shared once, but they can’t quite recall it. Or perhaps they’d like to know what motivated you to become a nurse or why you moved here from Timbuktu! The input of your loved ones can make this experience so much fun. Contact them today!

4. Keep a pen and notebook at the ready

You never know when a memory will arise. Special stories and significant details often surface whilst walking in the park, reading a book in bed or taking a bath. Best to always be prepared!

5. Enjoy the process

Reflecting and answering questions takes time and demands concentration, but don’t forget to enjoy reliving those beautiful memories! If writing is not your cup of tea, at least answer those questions that come to you easily, that way the process stays fun.