Ashley M

Junior Writer | Southport

Having worked as a ghostwriter for a number of years now, Ashley sure does know how to get a story told. As an avid word-lover she uses her creativity to craft interesting, compelling, and clear narratives in all her works. Currently, she works closely with a number of writing clients to provide concise long-form content for both books and websites, in a variety of niches. Ashley is a mother of three, loves a nice cup of coffee, and can probably be found watching a Quentin Tarantino film in her free time.
As a StoryTerrace writer, Ashley interviews customers and turns their life stories into books. Get to know her better by reading her autobiographical anecdote below

The Opportunity of a Lifetime

I raise my eyebrows, only to quickly furrow them again, practising. The big, blue eyes gazing back at me are intent beneath my wrinkled brow. My Mother often asks why I take so long to brush my teeth, to which I would usually reply with a shrug and shake of my little head.

It was a bit embarrassing really, the truth. Although, looking back now it is rather cute how persistent I was. You see, as a small child I wanted nothing more than to be a world famous actress. An actress who starred specifically in the Harry Potter films.

They were, and still are, my favourite. I would spend so much time in my own head reciting the memorable scenes, thinking how I could do it better than the people on the big screen, and that I could make it so much more exciting for the viewers at home.

In front of the bathroom mirror was my stage, and the toothbrush my wand.

Thoughts swirl of children across the globe watching me perform my heart out, the kids at school would be oh so jealous! How very naive, but they tell you to dream big as a child and this is what I did.

Other than my impromptu bathroom performances, which the toilet roll loved might I add, I hadn’t had any type of formal training. So when a stage school sent shiny leaflets around my Primary class I knew this was exactly the ticket I was waiting for.

Nestled tightly in my garish blue bookbag the leaflet sat waiting to be revealed to my parents. Upon presenting this golden opportunity to my Mother I was only met with disappointment. It seems like I was the only one to truly see the potential this training could provide, and I wasn’t going to take a ‘no’ lying down.

So, I began my master plan. I crafted an exquisite letter to my Father, hand written in my 7 year old scrawl, outlining how this is the opportunity of a lifetime. How I could change everyone's lives by becoming the next rising star. How I would absolutely be on my best behaviour. That I would no longer entertain my younger brother's constant need for squabbles, and broccoli would be my new favourite food.

My Father carefully read through my plea, chuckling to himself, which I thought was a wonderful sign. Unfortunately, I couldn’t have asked for a worse response than which I received: ‘you need to ask your Mother.’

Needless to say, I didn’t become a world famous actress.

I am so very glad about that now.

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