February 11, 2017 admin

True love stories: Issy and Steve

In the run-up to Valentine’s day, we’re blogging about some of the amazing true love stories our customers have shared with us.

One of our favourites is from Isabella Matthews memoir, ‘Being Issy’.

“Maybe it’s not about the length of time you’ve known someone; maybe it’s about instant recognition. On an unconscious level, our souls knew each other”.

It was later in life when Isabella and Steve met on a holiday to Benidorm. Their meeting seemed 15almost an act of fate; Issy should have already gone back home, but her friend had accidentally booked a few more days, and Steve had been dragged on an impromptu Bachelor party. The connection between them in the club was instantaneous. Steve tapped Issy, who was solo dancing to Gladys Knight on the shoulder and instantly asked for her number. They agreed to meet when they were both back in the UK.

From the beginning they knew that they were supposed to be together. Steve turned up to her first date with flowers and less than a week after their return from Benidorm – they were already going on a weekend away!

 “He made- and still makes- my heart flutter, my stomach churn (in a good way), and my head spin”.

A life of fun and dancing

At the age of 65 Issy has found love with Steve. A passion for each other and a zest for life keeps them young. They spend their time dancing and partying in Spain and taking long romantic strolls along beautiful beaches. At home in Bristol, the party doesn’t stop as they groove the night away to their favourite motown tunes! Issy calls Steve her Wild Child.

 “We have fun and relish each other’s company. We are soul mates down to every last word, every wild bone in our bodies”.

One Valentines Day, Isabella received a mysterious card in the post from Steve. Inside was a message, asking her to marry him. She said yes, of course.