October 9, 2017 Mark Proctor

Tell Your Story

Have you always wanted the chance to tell your story?

Here are 3 ways to get started

1. Work with a professional

Professional Ghostwriter

Work with a professional author to get your life story down. They are experts at drawing out the most interesting parts, and telling the story in the most engaging way.

Your one on one discussions will ensure you get across all the detail you want. It can be difficult to construct your own narrative but their expert fresh eyes bring out the very best results.

2. Go it alone

Writing Autobiography

Learn how to write your own story. This can be a very rewarding experience. With all the advances in self-publishing it will also give you lots of opportunity to work on digital skills.

You can make the document as short or as long as you like – and make sure you include everything you want. It takes discipline to write every day so it is key to set aside regular time to write and edit.

3. Video

video autobiography

You can use video as a compelling way to tell your own story. Recording yourself talking on the subjects that are relevant to you, and creating your own YouTube channel to host the content.

This is an easy way to share your story but it can be difficult being in front of the camera if you aren’t used to it. The trick is to keep on trying – and watching lots of footage of yourself back.