Penny Clark

UK Editorial Team Manager

Driven by a love of books and storytelling, Penny Clark pursued her Master’s degree in Creative Writing from the University of Exeter. She firmly believes that books can change lives and leave a lasting impact on the world, which led her to her role as a Senior Project Editor and then UK Editorial Team Manager at StoryTerrace.

Throughout her 20+ years in the publishing industry, Penny has worked with an indie publisher in the Netherlands, authored academic journals and an educational strategy magazine, and served as a freelance book editor for clients across the globe. She considers herself fortunate to play a role in helping people create life-changing and world-changing works that resonate with their families and readers worldwide. Penny’s love for cultural exploration led her to spend ten years living abroad in Europe while working as a newspaper journalist.

With a genuine passion for helping storytellers find their voice, Penny is adept at bringing narratives to life, even when the authors are unsure of where to begin. From dairy farmers to international CEOs, from poetry-loving grandmothers to famous music and film producers, Penny firmly believes that every life holds an intriguing tale worth sharing.

Beyond her literary expertise, Penny is known for her conscientious nature and her belief in making a positive difference in the world. She understands the weight of responsibility that comes with handling someone’s life story and approaches each project with sincerity, compassion, and a commitment to preserving the authenticity of the storyteller’s journey.

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