Paula Ugochukwu

Junior Writer

Paula is a lifestyle content creator and Journalism graduate, who is passionate about people and their stories. This passion started at school where Paula first started a blog. It then drove her to the best Journalism course in the country at the University of Sheffield, where she thrived and continued using words in different formats to leave her stamp wherever she went. I say different formats because if Paula isn’t writing, she’s talking, tweeting, filming or recording something. The very exemplification of the Biblical notion: ‘there is power in the tongue’.

As a Story Terrace writer, Paula interviews customers and turns their life stories into books. Get to know her better by reading her autobiographical anecdote below.

Confessions of a recovering people pleaser

I said no to an opportunity that I didn’t have the time, energy or particularly want to do today. And the earth didn’t open up and swallow me. For a recovering people pleaser like myself, that is a major accomplishment.

People-pleasers often don’t know they are people-pleasers until they are burnt-out and tired and the same people they please are nowhere to be found. If there is one thing this Covid-19 global pandemic has forced me to do, is reflect and heal in all the broken, rotten areas of myself. Today, we’re talking about the people-pleasing that littered and stained a lot of my teen years.

Hello, I’m Paula. And I’m a recovering people-pleaser.

I don’t know when exactly my people-pleasing ways began but I just vaguely remember my childhood being full of thoughts of: “Will they like me if I do this?” “I need to do that to be cool.” and “I hope I don’t embarrass myself.”

In a recent conversation with one of my best friends from high school (with nearly 13 years of friendship under our belt!) Zahra, we were reminiscing and reflecting on our time in school. It’s not really talked about much but I hated school. Like, I really did not love it. At all. The happy memories of my time in primary and high school were few and far between.

It was actually me not feeling like I had a place where I fitted in in the world (fifteen-year-old Paula was very dramatic!) that drove me to start my first blog towards the end of high school in 2012. If I couldn’t find my people and my place in real life, I’d find them online! And I did.

I spent a lot of time around loads of people but feeling very alone.

I just did not understand why the people I called my friends weren’t actually that nice to me or didn’t seem to really like me. I kept thinking: “It must be my fault! I just need to change some more and then they’ll like me.”

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