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Writing Your Life Story? Our 7 Must Reads!

You’re writing your life story. So far so good – but writer’s block can get in the way of reaching your potential. In this article, we’re focusing on the creative solution to writer’s block: Inspiration. Therefore, we’ve rounded up 7 of the most inspirational blogs to help write your memoir, autobiography or life story. Check them out!

1. Positive Writer

Writing Your Life Story with Positive Writer

Positive Writer is a blog for writers and all creative people. Created by writer, Bryan Hutchinson, it provides tips on overcoming fear and doubt. So if you find yourself stuck in doubt or uncertain of your abilities, then this blog will truly get you inspired.

Quick tip: this article will certainly help you to get started with writing your life story.

2. Marion Roach Smith

Writing Your Life Story with Marion Roach Smith

Marion Smith believes everyone has a story to tell, so she created this website to provide useful tips to write yours. The website offers everything you could possibly need to write your life story, such as online classes, blog posts, books and much more!

3. Scan Your Entire Life

Writing Your Life Story with Scan Your Entire Life

Writing isn’t the only stumbling block when it comes to creating your autobiography. Digitising your photos can be difficult, too. Founded by Curtis Bisel, this website provides useful tips and articles: from organising your memories to restoring and scanning your photos.

4. Memory Writers Network

Writing Your Life Story with Memoir Revolution

Jerry Waxler founded the MWA with the idea that the act of writing about your life can be considered a tool of change to develop a more interesting future. On the website, you’ll find useful blog posts to inspire you to write your life story, autobiography or memoir.

5. Shirley Hershey Showalter

Writing Your Life Story with Memoir Magic

This blog started when Shirley Showalter wrote her first memoir about her childhood ‘Blush: A Mennonite Girl Meets a Glittering World’. You can sign up for the weekly Magical Memoir Moments which include photos, writing prompts and the ‘Write a Memoir’ eBook for free!

6. Memories and Memoirs

Writing Your Life Story with Memoirs & Memories

Meet Linda Joy Myers, president and founder of the National Association of Memoir Writers and Memories and Memoirs. This blog will help you find all kinds of information about writing your life story. In addition, the site provides information on upcoming events and coaching classes such as ‘Write your Memoir in Six Months’!

7. Memoir Writer’s Journey

Writing Your Life Story with Memoir Writer's Journey

Founder of this website, Kathy Pooler, believes that we can all benefit from the stories that we share with each other. This is why she is currently working on her second memoir. On the website, you’ll find inspiring blogs that encourage conversation, writing tips, workshops, and events.

Feeling inspired yet? Make sure to read through these helpful blogs and start writing! You can also check out our article: “7 Amazing Apps that Will Help You to Write Your Autobiography”.

By Büsra Nur Yürür