Brandy Wallner

North America Project Editor

After a brief hiatus from writing, Brandy Wallner reignited her passion for storytelling, realizing that her heart lay in the written word. Armed with a BA in Theatre and a teaching credential, she spent almost two decades working with students with ASD. However, in 2015, the magnetic pull towards the keyboard became irresistible, and Brandy delved into writing professionally.
From blogging to ghostwriting and copywriting, she began crafting narratives that instilled hope amidst struggles. Brandy’s turning point came when she had the opportunity to ghostwrite for a Christian author, published by a major faith-based house.

In 2021, she joined StoryTerrace as a ghostwriter and swiftly ascended to become a Project Editor, having overseen the publication of over two dozen books. When she isn’t immersed in the world of words, Brandy devotes her time to creating compassionate content and digital products for non-profit organizations.

Website,, or subscribe to Brandy’s monthly essay,  Curious Compassion  on Substack.

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