Case Study: Peter Kysel

Peter Kysel - Age of Storms from Story Terrace “You are an enemy of the State”- this is how Peter Kysel’s story begins. Peter enjoyed a family-centred childhood in Prague. But all this changed when he was a teenager, and the State turned against him. He was persecuted for his father’s former social class, banned from further education and publicly stigmatised. Ultimately, Peter was driven into exile. Despite discrimination, traumas, and self-doubt, Peter secured a place to study at Oxford University, where he found sanctuary. Now Peter has written his first autobiography - ‘Age Read more

How much do you really know about your parents & grandparents?

H ow much do you really know about your parents & grandparents? Do you ever wish you had a record of their lives before you were born? Dominic Clark had fond memories of his glamorous grandmother and lively grandfather. He knew they met in the aftermath of World War II - Stanley a British soldier, Anneliese a young German girl. As the family story went, Stanley was lovestruck when he came across Anneliese emerging from a dip in the river near a German village. But details of their life story were thin on the ground. That all changed when Dominic turned 40. In secret, his wife Jenn Read more

Three Women, Three Powerful Life Stories

H ave you ever tried to keep a diary? It can be challenging to keep up the discipline - but fascinating to look back in later years at how you felt. But what if you don't have a record? Or you want to turn your experiences into something you can share with your family and friends? Today we are looking at three women - Sue Hodges, Ichko Gomobodorj, and Teresa Samuels - who have tried a new approach. Working with a professional writer & interviewer from private biographers Story Terrace, they created their very own memoirs. These women are part of an emerging trend - ordinary people creating Read more