How to Write Your Biography: 5 Approaches to Structure your Life Story

There are many ways to structure your life story. There is no right or wrong way to do it - but it’s one of the biggest choices you will make about your book. Structure is crucial to the readability of your book. You might write beautifully - but without any kind of structure, your words will be scattered and disorganised. So how do you structure your life story? We’ve outlined five of the best approaches to help you choose. 1. The chronological approach One of the simplest ways to structure your life story and develop a narrative is chronologically - in the order that it happened. In Read more

Creating a Timeline for a Book about your Life (Free PDF Template)

If you’re writing a book about your life, creating a timeline is an essential step. While your story is based on your own experiences, it’s easy to forget important moments — unless it is all laid out clearly in front of you. A timeline provides clarity and structure for your life story. However, creating a timeline doesn’t mean you have to tell your story chronologically - in fact, it can make it easier to get creative with the structure of your book. What you’ll come away with is a complete overview - making it easier to identify themes. A timeline establishes your content, structure Read more