Milestone Birthdays

Has someone you love got a big birthday coming up? Are you struggling to think of ways to make it truly special? We’ve pulled together some great ideas, that will surprise and delight even those who have lived three score and ten, and seen it all! 1. Family Love Contact family and friends near and far, and get them to take pictures of themselves holding a sign with a birthday wish on. Not only do you get the messages themselves – but a modern and up to-date photo of all your family members. Display these on a digital photo frame, and your loved one gets to experience the joy all the Read more

Tell Your Story

Have you always wanted the chance to tell your story? Here are 3 ways to get started 1. Work with a professional Work with a professional author to get your life story down. They are experts at drawing out the most interesting parts, and telling the story in the most engaging way. Your one on one discussions will ensure you get across all the detail you want. It can be difficult to construct your own narrative but their expert fresh eyes bring out the very best results. 2. Go it alone Learn how to write your own story. This can be a very rewarding experience. With all the advances Read more

Family History Ideas

Love Family History? Here are 3 ways to take it to the next level 1. Capture the memories of your loved ones We have an amazing opportunity to listen to the older people in our lives and try to capture their memories, but it can be hard to get them to share what’s happened to them in their lives. Often grandparents are more likely to share things with their grandchildren rather than their children, as they don’t want to burden them. You can now get a professional writer to work with them to draw out the stories and pull them together into a beautiful book. That book then can be Read more