Cristina Moreno-Garcia

Senior Writer

The Latin sensations Ricky Martin and Alejandro Sanz, as well as the fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, were at least one time interviewed by Cristina, a professional journalist for 23 years whose first experience with words was the school paper and her personal journal. At 19, she started her career as a reporter in the Sunday magazine that was part of Periódico El Norte where, with hard work, she was able to organize photo shoots and interviews with veterinarians and therapists first, then celebrities, designers, architects, and politicians. One cold December day during one of her shopping trips to San Antonio, Texas, she, who was a Sen at that moment met her now husband, who convinced her to start a new life in a new city, new state, new country, where soon enough there was a longing for written words; in consequence Cristina decided to focus on her blog and writing for companies and people who need her help telling stories through websites, digital media and books.

As a Story Terrace writer, Cristina interviews customers and turns their life stories into books. Get to know her better by reading her autobiographical anecdote below.

Trip of a Lifetime

When I was working as an editor for the newspaper, the editorial subdirector and my direct boss called me over to her office… usually, when this happens it was because something very good or very bad was about to transpire.

As I sat down nervously, she began. ”Cristina: do you have your passport ready? Are you available to travel? We will be sending you to Europe to write a story about La Banda El Recodo, the Mexican Cultural institution, that has been playing together for 60 years”.

“You were selected to cover the band’s trip to Hannover, Germany, where the musicians will be performing at the year 2000 World Expo. It’s going to be only 4 days long, but considering your advanced level of the English language you are a perfect fit for this assignment overseas”, Lourdes Solís said to me with the tone of voice that was calmed but showing some sort of restrained excitement.

While I smiled and accepted the assignment calmly, inside, I was trying to hide my happiness beyond borders. Up until this moment, I had never been to Europe and the only stamps on my passport were from different Ports of Entry in the United States.

Without missing a beat, I responded – “Is this real? Oh my, of course my passport is ready! And I was born ready!!”, I replied without giving it too much thought. “Now the challenging part is to become an expert in the music of El Recodo, considering that I was not a fan, nor had experience with their music”.

Beyond the shock of traveling to Europe for the first time, the reality became apparent: Mexican regional music genre was outside of my comfort zone. Although I was working in the daily entertainment edition back then, Mexican Regional music was not on my radar. Was this going to be a bad start? I wondered.

”No!”, I said to myself. “This is a good challenge and from now to the time of the flight I’ll be listening day and night their music and research everything I need to know about them. Of course, I need to know more about Germany, the World Expo, the food, the culture, the language, do I need something else besides my passport? I took the trip, and was amazed to see the reaction that international audiences had for the music of my home country.

They surprised the multi-cultural audience with their infectious music, and tight syncopated rhythm. The 4 day journey became a 20 day trip with follow-up concerts at the invitation of the king of Morocco. The trip that started out as a challenge had become one of the most rewarding experiences of my journalism career.

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