“Writing my life story” An interview with a Story Terrace customer!

In this blog article, we’re interviewing Story Terrace customer David Taylor to find out how he found the process of writing his life story, ‘A legitimate life’ and how he found working with ghostwriter Lisa Chilvers! Confused about what a ghostwriter is? Click here for more information. Why did you decide to write your life story? Having been born in 1939, as my life has progressed into my late 70s, along the way, I’d often thought about writing my life story down. This was spurred on by the fact that my forbears have left no ‘footprints’ of their lives, so all that I have to Read more

Interview with Row Smith about her experience writing The Earth Moved

People write their memoirs for many reasons: some want to record family stories for future generations; some want to reflect on their experiences; and some people - like Row Smith -  decide to share their story to make a difference in the world. As a survivor of the 2015 Nepal Earthquake, she has used her story to raise thousands of pounds for victims of the disaster. Read on to discover Row’s incredible story, and her experience of creating her charity memoir, ‘The Earth Moved’. In April 2015, Row and her husband Tom embarked on the adventure of a life time: trekking through Nepal’s Read more

True love stories: Issy and Steve

In the run-up to Valentine’s day, we’re blogging about some of the amazing true love stories our customers have shared with us. One of our favourites is from Isabella Matthews memoir, 'Being Issy'. "Maybe it’s not about the length of time you’ve known someone; maybe it’s about instant recognition. On an unconscious level, our souls knew each other". It was later in life when Isabella and Steve met on a holiday to Benidorm. Their meeting seemed almost an act of fate; Issy should have already gone back home, but her friend had accidentally booked a few more days, and Steve had Read more

True love stories: Stanley and Anneliese

This Valentine’s day, we’re blogging about an amazing true love story our customer has shared with us. ‘Stanley and Anneliese’ was commissioned by Jenn Clark for her husband Dominic. It charts the lifelong romance of Dominic’s grandparents, who met in the aftermath of World War II. Our story begins in 1945 when Stanley, an English corporal, and Anneliese, a young German woman, met by chance on the banks of the River Bode. Annoyed at the presence of British soldiers, who had occupied her home and seized her possessions after Germanys defeat in WW2, Anneliese marched up and told Read more

True love stories: Simon and Becky

In the run-up to Valentine’s day, we’re blogging about some of the amazing true love stories our customers have shared with us. One of our favourites is in Simon Wilkinson’s memoir, ‘A Lifelong Springtime of the Heart’: (You can read an extract of Simon’s book ) In 1970 Simon was a young Police Constable, yet to realise his destiny was to become a priest. One day, he and a friend stumbled into the local nurses’ residences, to ask if anyone wanted to come out. He wasn’t expecting anyone to say yes - but fate intervened. Becky, who had just come off shift, was happy to oblige. Read more

The Recipe for a Good Ghostwriter

Problem: you want to share your story, but you feel as though you don’t have the time or the necessary literary skill to be able to convey it properly. Solution: Ghostwriter Simple. Somewhat. Getting a ghostwriter is one thing; getting a good ghostwriter is another. Here’s what you’ll need: INGREDIENTS 2 mugs of mutual understanding 1 generous serving of empathy 1 sprinkle of flair 2 drops of clarity 6 doses of stylistic transparency 2 clean ears 0 spoons of judgment 4 helpings of industry expertise 1 dash of wit 6 spoons of patience 1 Read more

Interview with Entrepreneur Adam Goodall

Behind every successful company is the story of an entrepreneur who worked incessantly to bring the original business idea to fruition. Aspiring innovators and leaders look to these narratives for great inspiration. That is why we have chosen 'entrepreneurship' as our theme-of-the-month. For this blog post, we sat down with local entrepreneur Adam Goodall, who is working on his second company, to learn more about the process of building a successful company and working with startups. ST: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background: AG: I’m a Digital Product Manager, but Read more

Writing Can Take Me Anywhere | Writer Feature

For this month's Writer Feature, we bring you the story of Robin Tudge, one of our contemporary writers. Tudge shares how he came to the realisation that he could successfully wield the power of words and be a published writer. Read his story below:   * * *   I first became a writer in 1999. I was living in Hanoi, eking along teaching English in a then very poor country that'd opened to westerners only five years before. I’d been there about 18 months, had had some lovely students and some great classes. I'd also had some amazing adventures, having driven all over the Read more

It Never Gets Easier, You Just Go Faster: Cycling Tour from Milan to Nice, 2014

Each month we like to spotlight a recently finished Story Terrace book to showcase the range of titles and types of books we produce.  For February, we've brought you the story of Ian Bagshaw and Mark Dickinson and their book, It Never Gets Easier, You Just Go Faster: Cycling Tour from Milan to Nice, 2014.  Bagshaw and Dickinson came together to commemorate the outstanding dedication, and physical triumph, of 35 individuals who helped raise over £100,000 for charity. Read on... A common cause, a sense of humour and a raised glass can go a long way. After Dan and Danny passed away Read more

Tracing Family Genealogy Back to 1681

Sue’s story in a nutshell… Every month we like to bring you some insight on a completed Story Terrace book. Providing you with an overview of the varying biographies created with us. This month our focus is on a lady named Sue Hodges, her life story is being featured in line with our genealogy themed month. Enjoy..... Though Sue Hodges now lives a quiet life on a Gloucestershire farm, she has had more than her fair share of adventures. Full of mischief as a child, Sue grew up to be a fearless woman. In the sixties she was propped up at the bar – vodka tonic in hand, Marvin Gaye in the Read more

Interview: Vintage Photo Lab

Interview: Vintage Photo Lab Photos are treasured pieces of our personal histories that have the power to bring back old experiences. At the same time, most people have these treasures stuffed into boxes at the back of a closet that are only dug out when the occasion demands. Reliving past memories shouldn’t be a chore. We spoke with a man who’s made it his mission to ensure your old photos and memories are more accessible and safer than ever by converting them to digital copies. In our interview, Ed Padmore, founder of Vintage Photo Lab, talks about his motivations for leaving his career Read more

Royals on Rails

Ton Honing and King Willem-Alexander
 Royals on Rails If you walk along platform two in an easterly direction at Amsterdam Centraal station, near the first-class restaurant you will pass a high, golden wrought-iron fence. You have to pay attention, for it can easily be missed, but this fence is the entrance to one of the most beautiful treasures of the Dutch national railway: the royal waiting room. From King Willem III to the present Dutch King Willem-Alexander, every member of Dutch royalty has spent time in these chambers. ‘Everyone has to wait when they travel. Though being a royal, your train will always be exactly on time,’ Read more

Happy Birthday Paddington

Happy Birthday Paddington In 2014, two train stations celebrate their special anniversaries. London Paddington, celebrating its 160th birthday, opened as a mainline station in 1854, primarily to connect with other London stations and provide better transport links for London businesses. Amsterdam Centraal is the junior of the two stations, erected in 1889 and thus turning 125 this year. It was strategically positioned directly at the water front, connecting transport from overseas with the railway system and thereby securing Amsterdam’s status as an international trading port. Though undeniably Read more

The Berlin Wall in the Netherlands?

Photo: Stichting Muurbrekers
The Berlin Wall in the Netherlands? What's the message of the Berlin Wall today? Journalist Willem Plet and his Wallbreakers group have shipped pieces of the former wall here to have them exhibited in several spots around the country. He is following the example of the skippers who in 1987 sailed the DDR corridor all the way to Berlin with a message of peace and freedom.  By Anne Brugts, content manager Story Terrace  About a year ago, Willem happened to hear that a German businessman was selling pieces of the former Berlin Wall to artists. The businessman had amassed quite a collection Read more

Fall of the Berlin Wall as Seen from a Taxi

Fall of the Berlin Wall as Seen From a Taxi Wolf has been a taxi driver in Berlin for 32 years. On the evening of November 9, 1989 he was at work. On his car radio he listened to the famous speech by DDR politician Günter Schabowski, in which the latter announced the end of the Wall. As of immediately. By Sanne Offringa, Guest Writer, Story Terrace  ‘The fall of the Wall came as a complete surprise to everyone in Berlin. The people were so incredibly happy, the citizens of East as well as West Berlin. I had the feeling I was in a film, or dreaming.’ The result was a national feast Read more

Top 5 most amazing journeys by train

Top 5 most amazing journeys by train Here are our top 5 most amazing train journeys in the world, from the 1920s-style Orient express to the hypermodern Japanese bullet train. Which one’s on your bucket list? #5 Darjeeling Railway This Indian railway was constructed at the end of the 19th century and is nicknamed the ‘Toy Train’. The small locomotive runs between New Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling and performs a few loops and other antics to gain height as the landscape goes on rising to the 3,000m level where Darjeeling is situated. The train is particularly famous for its role in the Read more

The 5 Most Unexpected Winter Sports Locations

The 5 Most Unexpected Winter Sports Locations Are you preparing for your winter sports holiday? Or have you already tasted the powdery white snow over Christmas? Either way, when you’re a skiing or snowboarding fanatic with an adventurous attitude, you should consider booking your next winter sport vacation at one of the locations below. Here we present you with the 5 most unexpected, yet amazing, winter sports locations on Earth.  Niseko, Japan  Japan is not exactly renowned for its winter sports culture. Nor is it known for a reliably snowy forecast, but every year like clockwork the Read more

Weddings as a profession: the wedding planner

Foto: Tovergoud Fotografie
Weddings as a profession: the wedding planner Shirley’s got the job that every little girl with a preference for pink has dreamt of: the wedding planner. Her company Bloom Wedding is one of the biggest in the Dutch wedding industry, and she has seen it all – from a groom that disappeared to a pair of fiancés both in tears. The very first wedding that Shirley organised, was her own. ‘I wasn’t into weddings before that and hadn’t even heard of professional wedding planners in Holland. But when I started planning my own wedding, I got hooked and was very driven during the process. Read more

Heineken brand ambassador: The Beer Mat

By Anne Brugts, content manager Story Terrace  Heineken brand ambassador: The Beer Mat Can you think of a better (though possibly overlooked) Heineken representative than the beermat? This disposable, subservient item has been rather misunderstood. We’re looking beyond the obvious fame-claiming beer bottle, and we're focusing on its little brother: serving brand ambassador, the beer mat. Enjoy our visual timeline of 150 years of Heineken beer mats.      About us: Story Terrace helps customers to capture personal stories in beautiful books alongside a professional writer. Read more

In Ample Time

Foto: Merlijn Doomernik
In Ample Time An interview with writer Niña Weijers about seclusion By Daan Borrel, guest writer Story Terrace Niña Weijers (1987) is sitting on a wooden bench when I enter the cafe. By her side, there’s a bunch of bags and sweaters piled up. She’s just arrived from Maastricht (town in the south of Holland, ed.) where she’s secluding herself for two months from everyday life to work in an academy. ‘It feels good to be on the road. In Amsterdam, everything comes to me and now I have to move towards things.’ Lectures, interviews: since her debut book De Consequenties (The Consequences) Read more

Festival Memories

This month at Story Terrace we are focusing on festival memories. We’ll be reminiscing about festivals with a performing artist and provide you with a ‘behind the scenes’ interview with a festival organiser. What’s more, we have an interview with the Dutch ‘Burning Man’. Enjoy the stories and be inspired to relive your most beautiful festival memories.

The Last Frontier: Heineken in East Africa

The Last Frontier: Heineken in East Africa Report of a Heineken employee in East Africa In every corner of the world, one can still indulge a craving for the essence of golden barley with a bottle of cold Heineken beer. This is so in East Africa, one of the ‘last frontiers’, where Niek Vonk, Heineken Area Export Manager, is selling beer to African men and women. He tells Story Terrace about the man of the world, a goat on the roof and fridges in Southern Sudan stuffed to the brim with Heineken. By Anne Brugts, Content Manager, Story Terrace Niek started his Heineken adventure as an intern. Read more

Heineken in the USA

By Anne Brugts, Content Manager Story Terrace Heineken in the USA Frans van der Minne was CEO Heineken USA from 2000 to 2005. He tells Story Terrace of his experiences in the land of opportunities. A narrative about the ‘beer puddle’, premium brand strategy and passion.  In the lobby of the Hotel de l’Europe, I meet Frans van der Minne. Slowly, he is withdrawing from Heineken, now he’s reached the pensionable age. With little steps, that is: ‘Weeding for five days in a row doesn’t seem like much fun’, he elaborates. So he is still involved in a few Heineken boards, among them Read more

Two Hundred and Fifty Festivals

By Floris Loeff, guest writer Story Terrace  Two hundred and fifty festivals Anecdotes of an avid festivalgoer Marcel Keizer (46), a.k.a. Burning Marcel or Mr. Fixxx, visits as many festivals a year as possible, all around the world. Story Terrace asked him about his most precious festival moments. Beginning of a love affair It all started about 25 years ago. Marcel thinks hard. ‘It was a gigantic three-day festival at an airport in Germany. The festival had a good line-up and I decided to go. With a mattress crammed in the back of my Renault 205, I drove there. Many big stars like Read more

Holiday Memories

This month at Story Terrace we focus on holiday memories. Within this month’s theme we’ll provide you with a ‘behind the scenes’ interview with a camping owner, we’ll reminisce holiday memories with a Dutch actress and you can read a guest blog by one of our writers on which autobiographies to take with you on your holiday. Enjoy the stories and be inspired to relive your most beautiful holiday memories.


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