The Memory Prompt Cheat Sheet: How to Write Your Biography, Life Story or Memoir

Wondering how to write your biography? Whether you are writing yourself, or working with a ghostwriter, it can be hard to know where to start and what to include. At Story Terrace, we often use memory prompts to kick-start the process - easy and fun questions designed to jog your memory and bring back moments you haven't thought about for years. It's the perfect first step, and something you can later assemble into a timeline or structure for your story. We’ve hand-picked 65 of our favourite memory prompts to share with you. You can check out 9 example prompts right here on the blog - but make Read more

Ghostwriting: Myths and Misconceptions

Ghostwriting can be loosely defined as the process of writing a book on someone else’s behalf. The contribution of a ghostwriter varies from book to book and from writer to writer. A ghostwriter’s task can range from predominantly editing to writing a complete novel or biography based on someone else's story or idea. Outside of the publishing world, the ghostwriters existence appears to be just as elusive as their name suggests, with many people being blissfully unaware of the ghostwriters contribution to the trade fiction sector. It seems to be widely accepted that biographies and cookbooks Read more

The Recipe for a Good Ghostwriter

Problem: you want to share your story, but you feel as though you don’t have the time or the necessary literary skill to be able to convey it properly. Solution: Ghostwriter Simple. Somewhat. Getting a ghostwriter is one thing; getting a good ghostwriter is another. Here’s what you’ll need: INGREDIENTS 2 mugs of mutual understanding 1 generous serving of empathy 1 sprinkle of flair 2 drops of clarity 6 doses of stylistic transparency 2 clean ears 0 spoons of judgment 4 helpings of industry expertise 1 dash of wit 6 spoons of patience 1 Read more

Creative Writing Tips

Photo by Hilke Kurzke
Whether your project is a short story, a biography, a series of novels or anything in between, creative writing can be hard. The road to greatness is often encumbered by speed bumps. Maybe you have an entire story plotted out in your mind, but you can’t find the right way to fit that cinematic adventure into words. Perhaps you can’t wait to fashion beautiful sentences, but you’ve got no clue what to write them about. Or maybe you’ve written the whole thing, but re-reading it disappoints you because it’s not what you imagined. Overcoming these issues and more is all part of the creative Read more

How the internet has transformed the Life Story

Thanks to Aaron for pressing the shutter release. He is himself an aspiring photographer now, thanks to the Canon AE-1 he borrowed from his dad.

Project365: 233/365
“For many years I have had a big social presence and even though I love using Facebook and Instagram and Twitter, sometimes it is hard to share your experiences on such limited spaces. I love writing and I love making pictures,” writes Ella Dvornik on her ‘I Am Ella’ life story blog. “I am not a professional writer, I am not very literate and English is not my first language so I tend to make mistakes, but I love what I do and I love doing it.” Stories are uploaded everyday. Pictures are uploaded everyday. We write, craft and shape our biographies online without even thinking about Read more

Writing to preserve memories

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'Tell me about when you were a little girl.' Coaxing stories and memories out of parents and grandparents was at one time my favourite way of putting off bedtime. Nowadays – and once the stories are written down – it fulfils deeper purposes with broader benefits. Parting the curtains For a child, listening to stories is like visiting the old days hand in hand with the parent or aunt or grandparent who used to live there. It’s a comforting way to open up the past: their past, your past, the stories that shape family life. It’s like peeping behind the curtains that part the generations. Read more

Writing your life story can be easier than you think

There are hundreds of great reasons to write your life story down – to build a safe place for your memories, create a keepsake for your family, or make sense of your own journey. But the thought of chronicling your whole life on paper is an intimidating one, and you don’t have to dig deep to find reasons to stop before you’ve started. However, we at Story Terrace believe that because every life is extraordinary, every life story deserves to be told. So we’ve compiled a short list of comebacks to those pesky excuses! “I can’t remember everything that’s happened to me, especially Read more

How It Works: The Story Book Process | Step 6

In six simple steps, you can take part in creating your life story to save and share for generations to come. In this article, learn about the final, sixth step in the Story Terrace story book process. Once you’ve finished working with your experienced ghostwriter on making edits to your story, the finalised manuscript will be sent to your Story Terrace editor for review. Now you can sit back and let our skilled editorial team ensure your book is thoroughly edited and proofread. {Tweet: Learn about the 6th step in the @StoryTerrace biog process. Go from final manuscript to printed hardcover Read more


Life-story books for this festive season Are you wondering what autobiography, biography or memoir to purchase for that bibliophile in your life this Christmas? It’s all about gifting this month at Story Terrace, so we’ve compiled a list of contrasting books  we think will resonate best with our followers, supporters, colleagues and clients. Here is our suggestion of five of the bestselling life novels released this year. The Wright Brothers  by David McCullough   This is the story of two brothers from Ohio, who in 1903 on a cold winters day changed history. This biography relays Read more

Everything for Nothing

Everything for Nothing Getting something for nothing has taken on a whole new meaning, especially for the members of a bartering group in Amsterdam called Noppes, or For Nothing. Members buy products and services using their own currency: Nothings. Here chairwoman Jacquelien tells us about the concept. It was back in 1997 that Jacquelien joined For Nothing, which had been active for four years. ‘I’d heard about the initiative, but only really came into contact with them when I visited a neighbourhood market they organised. At the entrance, visitors of the gathering could buy Nothings for Read more

Theme Introduction Icy Adventures

This month, we have a very chilly repertoire of icy adventures on our menu. We’ll be sharing stories of ice and snow from the freezing corners of the world. There’s the story of a famous adventurer who defies the coldest areas in the world’s lowest temperatures, a winter Olympian who shares his experiences at Sochi 2014 and a person who’s conquering the cold every day to live in one of the northernmost areas of the world.

Intro Romance of the Railways

Who doesn’t, once in a while, long for the romance of travelling on an old-fashioned steam train on the railways? The big leather suitcases, the vintage coaches, a three-course dinner in the restaurant car. This month, we indulge in a touch of nostalgia and put the most delightful stories about train travel, then and now, on our menu.

Traveling On the Trans-Siberian Express

Traveling on the Trans-Siberian Express A Romance of Vodka and Plastic Flowers A journey through seven time zones along 9,000 kilometres of rail. One that starts in Saint Petersburg and goes through the heart of Siberia, then via Mongolia to Beijing. Traveling on the Trans-Siberian Express is the dream of many travellers. Frieda, travel specialist at KILROY Netherlands, tells us about her trip. By Anne Brugts, Content Manager, Story Terrace  It had been on her bucket list for a while already, this trans-Siberian and trans-Mongolian journey. ‘I’ve always loved train travel. The combination Read more

‘I always thought it came from the speakers’

Everyone can play the piano at Amsterdam Centraal Station When I walk into the hall on the east side of Amsterdam Centraal Station, the sounds of Billy Joel’s ‘Piano Man’ come floating my way. Behind a big black grand piano, set up in a corner between two pillars, a man is seated with his collar high up his neck and a hood pulled over his head. Firmly he plays the instrument, seemingly impervious to the freezing draught that blows through the hall.  The piano at Amsterdam Centraal Station is part of a Dutch Railways project that partners with local organisations; they place pianos in Read more

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