True love stories: Issy and Steve

In the run-up to Valentine’s day, we’re blogging about some of the amazing true love stories our customers have shared with us. One of our favourites is from Isabella Matthews memoir, 'Being Issy'. "Maybe it’s not about the length of time you’ve known someone; maybe it’s about instant recognition. On an unconscious level, our souls knew each other". It was later in life when Isabella and Steve met on a holiday to Benidorm. Their meeting seemed almost an act of fate; Issy should have already gone back home, but her friend had accidentally booked a few more days, and Steve had Read more

True love stories: Stanley and Anneliese

This Valentine’s day, we’re blogging about an amazing true love story our customer has shared with us. ‘Stanley and Anneliese’ was commissioned by Jenn Clark for her husband Dominic. It charts the lifelong romance of Dominic’s grandparents, who met in the aftermath of World War II. Our story begins in 1945 when Stanley, an English corporal, and Anneliese, a young German woman, met by chance on the banks of the River Bode. Annoyed at the presence of British soldiers, who had occupied her home and seized her possessions after Germanys defeat in WW2, Anneliese marched up and told Read more

True love stories: Simon and Becky

In the run-up to Valentine’s day, we’re blogging about some of the amazing true love stories our customers have shared with us. One of our favourites is in Simon Wilkinson’s memoir, ‘A Lifelong Springtime of the Heart’: (You can read an extract of Simon’s book ) In 1970 Simon was a young Police Constable, yet to realise his destiny was to become a priest. One day, he and a friend stumbled into the local nurses’ residences, to ask if anyone wanted to come out. He wasn’t expecting anyone to say yes - but fate intervened. Becky, who had just come off shift, was happy to oblige. Read more

The power of true life stories

Stories have the power to captivate a reader - dazzle them into anger, or happiness or bewilderment.  They grip the imagination, and can transport you into a different world. “Stories are important, the monster said. They can be more important than anything. If they carry the truth.” Patrick Ness,  A Monster Calls Still, we all have that one friend who won’t read a book or watch a film if it isn’t based in reality. Why? Why does it matter if these stories are true or not? This blog article explores this very question. True life stories are relatable Reading a fantasy novel Read more

Why write my biography? Because your story matters

‘Biographies are for celebrities’. Bookshop shelves heave under the weight of the latest celebrity autobiographies. In 2016, the stories of Bruce Springsteen, Phil Collins, Alan Bennett and many more made the best-seller lists. Celebrity stories are a global obsession - but here’s something different: Story Terrace aims to be everyone’s personal biographer.  It’s a somewhat novel concept: we really believe everyone’s stories matter. So in this post, we’re giving you three reasons to write your memoirs. 1. You should share your experiences with your family ‘I wanted to Read more

Behind the cover? Ghostwriting for success

What is ghostwriting? The term ‘ghostwriting’ might conjure imagery of some dark ethereal being haunting the living by wielding a pen. But in reality, a text is ‘ghostwritten’ when someone besides the named author wrote it. It could be a novel, an autobiography, lyrics, a script or just about anything else you can put down on paper or in pixels. Simple! Read What is Ghostwriting? for more information. As a process, it can be more complicated. At Story Terrace, ghostwriters are meticulously matched with customers to create life stories. Story Terrace Managing Editor Alice Nightingale Read more

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