Alixandria Revell

North America Editorial Operations Associate

Alixandria is a writer and an activist, hailing from the rolling hills of Kentucky. With over a decade of writing experience, she focuses mainly on fiction and biographies. Currently, she is a columnist for Queer Kentucky. Outside of work she sits on the board for Kentucky’s Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network and the Diversity and Inclusion Committee for her local Chamber of Commerce.

When not working, Alixandria can be found curled up with a fantasy book or roaming through her local Barnes and Nobles searching for the next treasure for her hoard. She is a self-proclaimed uber nerd, with obsessive collection habits for anything Firefly or Doctor Who. Her Dungeons and Dragons character is a druid, her cosplay is Kaylee Frye, and her heart is still curled up by the fire in Hobbiton.

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