Write your biography with Story Terrace

October 9, 2015
October 9, 2015 Emily

Write your biography with Story Terrace

We’d like to share with you the process on how to write your biography with us at Story Terrace – this is a great insight into how fun and monumentally brilliant it is to create a life long keep sake, for all the special people in your life.

Step 1. Meet the ghostwriter!

Tell the Story Terrace team a bit about yourself and what direction you want your biography to go (you may not even know yet, but that’s ok!) We will match you with your writer- someone we feel suits your personality and will engage with you in the best possible way.

Step 2. Brainstorm

We supply a useful questionnaire that can be used to conjure up the memories. Jot all over it if you wish and use as a working document throughout to aid the process.

Step 3. Interview – (but a fun one)

At this stage you are interviewed by your ghostwriter. This is for as many hours as you’ve arranged within your storybook package- you’ll be divulging your life anecdotes as if you’re a famous person being interviewed- how fun!

Step 4. Photo Time

Provide the photographs. This can be a collection of as many photos you wish. For example a timeless family portrait, a time where you once were gallivanting around when travelling, or an inanimate object that holds sentimental value.

Step 5. Read the first draft

Now you can comment on the draft, once the editor has polished it up. Throughout this process you can provide as many edits as you’d like us to make.

Step 6. The Finale!

Receive your storybook. Completed in full colour, beautifully bound and delivered to your home.

Now it’s time to celebrate this wonderful achievement with all your family and friends- a keepsake for generations to come. But in the meantime read chapters with friends over drinks, or dip in and out whilst cooking one evening and reminisce.


Visit the Our Writers page to learn more about the talented writers working with Story Terrace to tell your stories. You can get in touch with our team by visiting our Contactpage.

We can’t wait to hear from you!